My daughter arrived from San Diego last night, so you may have noticed that there was no blog post last night.  Some things just take precedence.

She has now turned my kitchen into a rainbow colored bakery, and I am allowing myself to live with a messy kitchen when I go to bed tonight.  One must, at times, just allow creativity the freedom to spread it’s wings.

Although, technically, she’s only been gone a month, and was actually here about 3 weeks ago for another birthday, it’s nice to have the time to just visit with her.  Sure, we talk or text every day, but it’s not the same as face to face!

It also helped to have her here after taking Dylan in for his radio iodine treatment as he’ll probably come home shortly after she heads home, so she’ll keep me distracted until he’s back (though by tomorrow, I’ll have my iCat password so I can watch him on a webcam!).  The vet has already posted two pictures of my handsome boy on their website.  He meowed all the way there (and with traffic, it was about an hour and a quarter trip) but once at the vet’s office, he settled down, and was especially sweet when I took him out of the carrier.  He truly lived up to his nickname, “Mellow Yellow” today.   Here’s my sweet boy, posing for the camera before heading for Tustin where he will receive his treatment.  I am incredibly grateful that the vet caught this early so he has shown no outward signs, nor have any of his other organs been compromised.

As I was getting ready to leave today, I took his face in my hands and told him “I want us to grow old together, so let’s get this taken care of and let you be a healthy, happy boy for a long, long time!”  When I got home without him, the other cats were singularly relaxed, seeming to understand that he’ll be home soon, and better than ever!  I’m sure part of it is my own conviction that he’s in the best of hands to cure his hyperthyroidism, and my excitement at getting him home in a few days.  But I believe my cats understand my words as well.  And if I believe it’s for the best, and that he’ll be healthy and strong afterwards, well, so do they!  If nothing else, we’re generating a barrel full of positive energy to help Mr. Dylan get well quickly!

Meanwhile, Ms. Munchkin can’t seem to get enough of her big sister, Heather, and has spent a good part of the day snuggling (when Heather wasn’t tearing up my kitchen!).  It’s a very happy house tonight, especially after a yummy pre-birthday dinner at Red Lobster and a nice, 30 minute walk around the mall.  Even though I’ve only been wearing my Fitbit for a few hours today, I’ve already gotten close to half of the targeted 10,000 steps!  I’m sure I’ll hit the target more often than not!

This is a great gadget as it is a constant reminder to choose your foods well, and to get up and MOVE!    In the immortal words of King Julien from Madagascar, “You’ve got to move it, move it!”

That being said, I will move it, move it, into tonight’s gratitudes.

1. I am grateful to be spending a few days with my amazing, talented, loving, sweet daughter.
2. I am grateful that my boy, Dylan is being well cared for as he undergoes his cure.
3. I am grateful for peace and harmony in my household.
4. I am grateful for an abundance of love, friendship, health, fitness and overall prosperity.
5. I am grateful for birthday week festivities.

Love and light.