Once again, I had to try various sleeping surfaces in my house before finally settling in the guest room.  Around 3:30 AM I was awakened when Toby, very loudly, horked up an enormous hairball.  (This is really a good thing, aside from the time of day, as he’s a long haired cat and needs to bring those suckers up every now and then!)

But that isn’t my point, so hang in there.  When I awoke, I had been dreaming that I had an upset stomach and a headache, but upon waking, I discovered that part, at least, wasn’t a dream. 

Anyway, I cleaned up Toby’s hairball and went back to sleep for another couple of hours before getting up again, then repeated the process at least one more time.  I knew that things were not right when, instead of pouring my normal morning cup of joe, I opted for tea instead.  It’s not that I don’t like tea, and, in fact, keep a wide variety in the house, but for the first cup in the morning, I only shy away from the coffee when I’m feeling a bit under the weather. 

This lead to a day spent alternately sleeping and meditating, but accomplishing little else.  As I’d planned on doing several things today, it wasn’t exactly optimal, but thankfully, I can get away with doing this now and then because I don’t have a regular work schedule and can pretty much do what I need to any time or day.  The only exceptions involve other people in office environments. 

Though I’m feeling fine, physically now, I have to say that mentally I’m still pretty fuzzy, and am really hoping that a good night’s sleep will clear my brain too.  Words are even coming hard to me right now, another indication that there’s something going on which has shoved me way off course.  Though dreams and meditations have had vivid imagery over the last few days, the one thing I’m not getting is direction and answers.  (ok, that’s two, but I see it as one in the same).

If I really stop and think about it, I’ve been rather befuddled for most of the last month and frankly, I am none too pleased with the current state of affairs. 

At this point, I’m hoping that increasing my exercise regimen again will solve the problem, as I’m really at a loss for what else might help.

So, I’ll keep you posted as to what works and what doesn’t, as I certainly won’t give up on this until I figure it out and get back on track…whatever that track might turn out to be at this point!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I have a lifestyle which allows for down time when I need it.
2. I am grateful for ideas for things I can try to shake away the cobwebs.
3. I am grateful that the recent run of near triple digit temperatures is almost over, at least for a few days!
4. I am grateful for the feline companionship which, for the most part is undemanding and comforting.
5. I am grateful for having everything I need to accomplish my goals and dreams.

Love and light.