Are You Giving People a Reason to Visit your Website?

People love getting information, especially if it’s free and relevant. Are you offering regular content to bring them back to your site regularly? Or do you hate the prospect of sitting down at the computer to research and write something your target audience will find interesting enough to

I’d love to help! Over 7 years of article writing experience allows me to write on a variety of topics and research a great many more. But that’s not all!

I can create regular newsletters to remind people you’re there and care about informing them.

Leave the Writing to Me and Do What You Love

Broadening your visibility isn’t just about posting in your own space. Commenting and responding to your readers help give you an even stronger web presence. Let me help you:

  • Comment on other blogs to increase your site’s name recognition
  • Respond to reader comments to help engage them and add to your mailing list
  • Write regular newsletters offering helpful information to your readers. People buy from companies they trust and who show them they care.
  • Edit/Proofread the work of others. There’s nothing like a second pair of eyes to eliminate grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors from your web content.

I’m an expert at research but my current areas of expertise include:

Food and Wine Events
Charitable functions
Family suicide
Dollars and cents
Holistic Health
Local Farms
Healthy Eating

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If you would like a quote, please schedule a free, no-obligation, 20-minute consultation or use the contact form below to make your request via email. Include as much information as possible including the website or social media page so I can make sure I’m able meet your needs and expectations. You may also contact me directly at

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6. Is the article ghost written or do I get a byline?

7. Why are you looking to start this project?

8. What business goals would this help you to achieve upon successful execution?

9. Do you have a budget you’ve set aside for this project?

10. Is this a new type of project for your company or have you done it before?

Please also include any questions you might have for me. If you would like to be contacted by phone, be sure to include a phone number.

I look forward to working with you!

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