Knowing When to Walk Away

There came a day when I realized sitting in someone else’s office, padding their retirement, and doing work that didn’t fulfill me was wasting all the gifts I’d been given. That was the day I gave notice and began devoting my life to the art of the written word. The road may be less certain but I’ve never looked back!

Switching gears after a 30-year career is many things. Crazy. Scary. Foolish. Exhilarating. Mind-bending. The adjectives are likely different for anyone who’s taken the leap of faith I took 3 1/2 years ago.

Every Dream Carries With It a Spark of Insanity

Some might say I have little to show for it. 3 unfinished novels. 1 unfinished memoir. A children’s book that needs work. Over 1000 blog posts for myself as well as quite a few I’ve ghostwritten for others.

Have I made a name for myself? Have I touched a lot of lives? Have I—made a difference?

Maybe I have and maybe I haven’t. But what I have done is what so many others wish they could. I’ve followed my dream. I’ve indulged the side of me which loves putting words together in different ways. I’ve told stories and shared my life. I’ve informed and educated.

Knowing I’m Exactly Where I’m Supposed to Be

Best of all, I still have plenty more words to share and put together in creative new ways. I have more stories to tell for myself and for others who might take a chance on what I can offer. I’m living a life I only dreamed of.

If I had to make the choice again knowing what I know now, I can say without a doubt, I’d do it all again. The risk is definitely worth the uncertainty.


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