For several months, I have been exploring one option after another to finance the remodel on my house, hitting one brick wall after another.  I refused, however, to accept defeat, no matter how grim things looked at any given time.  I am happy to report that my underlying belief that I would find a way to make it work has manifested beyond anything I could have possibly imagined when I first began hitting roadblocks!  I will soon be signing papers on a much better solution than what I started with, and with more cushion than I’d hoped for as well! 

Once again, I have proven that holding to the goal and continuing to find ways around any resulting rubble will ultimately take you, not only where you wanted to go, but usually, in the infinite wisdom of the Universe, even farther than you’d anticipated!  Even the delays in the beginning of construction were propitious as what I was finally able to arrange, money-wise, would not have happened had construction already begun!  So, I have to say “Thank you, Universe, for listening to what I wanted, and making it better, as usual!” 

Tonight was our first fundraiser for Pink Paws.  Heather and I feel very good about the event, although we don’t yet know how we made out financially.  The restaurant manager let us put up a small table which Heather decorated and put pictures of some of our adoptable cats on, along with flyers asking for volunteers.  We feel that what we gained in exposure alone was worth the effort, and look forward to another event at Baja Fresh in the next month or two.  Heather pulled it off despite a number of obstacles thrown in her direction.  She just decided that she was going to make it happen, and we received some wonderful assistance in spreading the word!  I know her vision for the event simply overcame any resistance she received, and as a result, she got what she wanted!  I’m so proud of her for sticking to her guns!

And on this note of gratitude and appreciation for Asking and Receiving, I wish everyone,

Love and light.