My sneaky daughter did it again.

With the lure of more inexpensive concert tickets, not to mention a visit with my grand furries, my daughter, once again, managed to leave the driving to me. My late-night, post dancing trek was made a bit more challenging this time, though. In the first place, I embarked upon the reverse version of my fairly easy homeward trip last time, spending maybe 45 minutes in uncharted territory requiring six…count them, SIX freeway changes! Thankfully, the last one put me right at the halfway point of my trip and the rest, as they say, was cake! From that point, I knew where I was going, though I still paid attention to my electronic guide, just in case. The second half of the journey also removed me from some really crazy, and sometimes, highly inconsiderate drivers. Added to my challenging drive was a plethora of bug bites on my stomach which were already itchy, but said itching was exacerbated by the drying sweat from another extraordinary night of dancing, including a new dance! 

Sadly, I was left to suffer in silence after my long drive because my dear daughter had passed out long before my arrival, and short of waking her from her peaceful slumber (they always look so sweet when they’re asleep, don’t they?) the Benadryl I knew would bring me relief had to wait until the light of day once again graced the sky. Smearing on some more Aveno, I greeted the animals and found relief in sleep.

I was rewarded for my kindness when she gave me more than I’d hoped for in the guise of spray on Cortizone cream, followed by an ice blanket to cool the heat of the treacherous bites. Though it helped for awhile, the ice pack is once again in place as I type my daily (or mostly daily) entry after a busy day which culminated with a sushi dinner and a movie. Little did I realize that our choice of movie, “The Hundred Foot Journey”, would be so inspiring for my chef-in-training. We talked recipes and spices all the way home. I know her dreams will be filled with sauces and pastries, if nothing else, tonight!

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places

I love the fact that simply spending time with someone you love can allow us to find inspiration in some of the most unlikely places. Sharing something we’re passionate about enriches our lives, no matter how often we come back to it, or how many different tangents we might take.

When did leaving our comfort zone become so…comfortable?

It used to be that I might leave home for a few days once every year or two, yet, in the last few months, I’ve done so more than I have in the last three years combined! And do you know what? It feels marvelous! Sure, I miss my own bed and my cats (though I think my bed is infested with biting critters as that’s where the bug bites seem to have originated!) but hitting the road has actually become quite enjoyable. Granted, I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much if a longer trip were required, but this is definitely a major change for me. I’m normally more of a hermit and a homebody, so leaving for a few days time after time is nothing short of amazing! But add in the fact that my social life has gotten busier this year, and you see an old dog who really is learning some new tricks!

The moral of this story, my friends, is that it’s never to late to try something new. Or, as they said in the movie, “brakes break for a reason.” My daughter’s move has definitely facilitated some very positive changes in both of us, and though I miss having her close by, I am enjoying the heck out of coming to visit her, and seeing what’s new as she slowly creates her own home in the style which best suits her!

So the gratitudes I share with you tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the breaking of old patterns.
2. I am grateful for a road ahead which isn’t clear, but holds nothing but promise.
3. I am grateful for reasons to leave the comfort zone behind.
4. I am grateful for friendships which are strengthening and lengthening and growing in quantity as well.
5. I am grateful for abundance: love, harmony, friendship, experiences, health, peace and prosperity.