So as not to break my pattern again, I’ll jot a quick one off tonight.  My body is suffering the ill effects of excessive cleaning last weekend (who knew vacuuming and mopping would lead to such aches and pains!) and I had to cut my dancing short tonight.  Not that I really got less dancing in as there seemed to be ample men for a change, so I got in lots of two-stepping and couples dancing besides my usual line dance frenzy!

But I’m going to give the old bones a break and turn in early, so here are my gratitudes:
1. I am grateful for a cleaner house.
2. I am grateful that I will soon be dispensing with the pod.
3. I am grateful for warm kitty bodies to soothe my aching back.
4. I am grateful for Fridays because they signal at least one sleep in day.
5. I am grateful for my friends who make me smile and even more, make me feel loved.

Love and light.