Woke up this morning, full of energy and ready to tackle the errands that didn’t get done yesterday!  I’m having to do something which is somewhat alien to me, and pre-plan next Saturday due to a plethora of commitments, culminating with Heather’s 24th birthday party at Borderline.  I already reserved an extra table to accommodate the extra people who will be there for the event.  Now I just have to get the party supplies and order the cake she requested. 

So I ran around town, getting errands done (it always seems like so little when you look at your list and it really only involves traveling in a circle around about a 5 mile radius, but once you start and stop, climb in and out of the car, wander around each place looking for exactly what you want and need, three or four hours have gone by before you know what’s happened!  But we have groceries for the week including the piles of vegetables my current diet requires, tablecloths, candles, glitter and party favors for Heather’s birthday, cake and balloons ordered, and cards purchased. 

Surprisingly, I haven’t heard from my other daughter since, HER daughter’s birthday a month ago, so I got her a card but will have to wait to hear from her before I can put it together for her.  I was hoping to do dinner one night, but it looks like it will just be the three of us, if anything.  Maybe we’ll do Souplantation and I’ll put a candle in a muffin. 🙂

But now the kitties are using my desk as a battleground (thankfully, I cleaned it off yesterday so I could pay bills), and Dylan is purring very loudly in an effort to get my attention (that cat is feeling neglected, you know!), so I’d best attend to my feline duties!

Love and light.