I had all of these grand plans to go help with adoptions, run some errands, order things for Heather’s birthday and such, but as I sat at my desk working a puzzle, I got that old, almost forgotten feeling of something being not quite right and realized that I was about to have my first migraine in months.  Fortunately, I did recognize the signs and went to lay down with the cats until the headache part passed.  It still left me with an upset stomach and some wooziness, so today’s accomplishments were limited to laundry, but at least I have tomorrow to run the rest of my errands.  So tonight, I’ll actually do something odd and go to bed early so I can be up and taking care of business early tomorrow. 

In the midst of it all, dreams are getting weird again.  I even woke up early this morning from some kind of nightmare, though I can’t remember the details now.  The other day, I dreamed that Heather was standing in the kitchen and it was about 4 inches deep in water, but the water wasn’t moving into the living room at all!  It just held its shape in the kitchen.  When I asked her if she was going to do something about it, she said “no” and left it at that. 

So, life is just a bit weird this weekend, but nothing I can really put my finger on.  I’m sure that it will all sort itself out though.

Love and light.