We were at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater a couple of weeks ago, and they’d added more “shalt nots” since we were last there in June, but within 2 weeks, they’d added even more.  I don’t mean to sound bigotted, but since San Manuel got involved in the Verizon and Glen Helen, both venues have deteriorated, security-wise to the point where they remind me of a certain DCAA auditor who believes everyone is a criminal.  Not only have they banned chairs for those with tickets on the lawn, now they’ve banned blankets as well!  Why, you ask?  Because people like to start fires and they have no way to put them out if they’re started on the lawn.  Do you mean to tell me that people set their own blankets on fire (not to mention metal chairs) and that a venue like that does not have adequate fire protection?  Seems to me the fault is with the venue, not the patrons!  Not to mention that country music fans are not as over the top, out of control as rock fans, yet we’re paying the price!

But that was not the end of it.  Today, they had “boys lines” and “girls lines” so they could pat everyone down, including feeling under the women’s breasts to see if they’d stashed contraband in their bras, for christ sake!  And to make matters worse, Heather told the nitwit security woman that she had an injured shoulder and couldn’t lift it up any higher, so the woman SHOVED her arm up, accomplishing nothing except to cause Heather more pain!  She also dug around in my purse and was about to unzip one of the other pockets when I asked “are you allowed to do that?” at which point she stopped and asked me to do it, because, clearly, they are NOT allowed to root around in someone’s bag, nor open it themselves!  They are doing their damndest to ruin the concert goer’s experience!  And yet, they now offer, not only beer and wine, but full service, mixed drink bars, the first of which is less than 500 feet from the entrance!  Excuse me, but if they’re having trouble with pyromania, shouldn’t they look at the amount of alcohol they’re selling instead of who might be bringing in a blanket to burn???  I realize that they make a fortune on those mixed drinks and oversized beers, but seriously???  Banning blankets in favor of more booze???  Some greedy corporate type surely has his head up his gold plated ass thinking that continuing to ban what can be carried into the venue is going to solve his fire problem.  In fact, the security person we talked to said that a woman actually set her bra on fire for lack of other fuel.  Are they going to make all women come in bra-less now too???  Where will the insanity end??

Whew!  I feel better now.  I haven’t had a good rant in a very long while!  The concert was good, however, Jason Aldean started off with slow songs after Luke Bryan and Rachel something had gotten us all fired up, and virtually sucked all of the energy out of the concert.  He later explained that he liked to get the slow songs out of the way, but he was never able to regain the momentum, at least as far as I was concerned, and he played more slow songs after that remark anyway.  I do love his music, but he needs some help in planning his sets if he is to continue to be a headliner.  Frankly, I think Luke Bryan did a much better job! 

But it was an enjoyable day.  We sat in the VIP lounge and chatted with some very nice people, relaxed and snacked (probably more than we should have) and wandered to our seats later than we normally do.  Just before Jason Aldean went on, a couple of men near us had had too much alcohol and their testosterone levels had reached critical mass, so we had to change seats and separate them before they came to blows.  Grown men can be such children!!!  We did get some dancing in, though we missed Fake ID and most of Chill Factor (for which my already aching knee was most grateful) but got in a few easier ones, and some good sweating!  Also saw Borderline’s owner and two of the DJ’s.  It made me wonder who was minding the store, but I know that there are several staff members who do a great job of making sure things run smoothly!  Kudos to Jeff for staying home to DJ while the rest of the guys were out playing!  I hope my dance friends had a great time!! 

And speaking of dancing, unless I end up picking up another night this week, Thursday will be my last and only  night of dancing for a couple of weeks.  I hope I don’t need to be heavily sedated to prevent a murder, even if the victim really deserves it!!!  My children have told me many times that I am a raving maniac when I don’t get to dance.  No wonder I annoyed the other parents when the girls were in band.  I barely danced at all for those 3 years!!  I must have been really cranky!

Which leads right into my gratitudes for today:

1. I’m grateful for my dancing as it keeps me sane.
2. I’m grateful that traffic on the way home when I was exhausted was very light most of the way.
3. I am grateful for music in many forms as it brings joy and community.
4. I am grateful for my quiet home after a long, busy day.
5. I am grateful for my friends who encourage my babbles and sometimes even find something of value in what I share.

Tomorrow is moving day for the kids.  They’ll be back on my end of the valley so that my grandpuppy can get lots of walks and both she and my grandkitty will get lots more grandma time!  Not to mention my joy at having the kids closer so we don’t have to shlep across the valley to do things together or check on each others’ animals.  Not to mention, the babysitting Mathom will be doing after my knee surgery!

Love and light.

Love and light