My friend, Christine, can always be counted on to introduce me to new and interesting things.  Last summer, it was a play called “Frybread” at the Gene Autry museum, and last week, it was an Autumn Equinox celebration which was accompanied by the most amazing display of lightening I’d seen in quite awhile.

We joined an amazing group of women who celebrated the coming of Autumn and talked about what they’d harvested this year from the seeds they’d planted in the Spring.  And in listening to them share, I realized that this has really been a year of affirmations for me.  I affirmed that I would write my book, and I affirmed that I would remodel my house.  Although neither project has been exactly smooth going, so far, each challenge I weather while keeping the ultimate goal in view is another success story for me.  I am also continuing to learn patience, and that as long as I keep the goal in sight, I will achieve whatever I want.  It won’t always come as I want it to, but the Universe always has a hand in things and when they don’t go exactly as I like, they go exactly as they are supposed to.  Each delay provides me with another opportunity, often, one I wouldn’t have considered if things had gone as I’d originally planned.  I’ve already changed my color scheme, paint-wise, at least a couple of times, so it’s a good thing I have had to wait.  I still may change it again, but at this point, who knows?    In the meantime, I continue to enjoy the ride!

And this week, I’ve added another affirmation to my “magick box”.  I have affirmed that I will find a dance partner with whom I will improve my skills in two-step, west coast swing and nightclub two-step (and maybe something else.  I don’t want to limit myself!) and also visit other venues and instructors.  Now that my affirmation has been made, I will leave it to the Universe to actually handle the manifestation as I’ve learned that, left in those able hands, the manifestation of my affirmation is always far better than anything I could manage all by myself!

Part of the Autumn Equinox ceremony was a guided meditation and, being outside on the grass, I decided to remove my shoes and literally, connect with Mother Earth.  The meditation was beautiful and I wasn’t really ready for it to end, but then, lately, when I do participate in guided meditations, I’m usually inclined to continue, but have to cut it short to stay with the group.  I guess I need to find something that allows me to go on as long as I wish.

Another indication that we are leaving summer behind us is in the cats’ behavior.  I had a hard time getting up on Sunday because everyone was so snuggly and I didn’t want it to end.  Talking to other friends, their animals are behaving in a similar fashion.  Just goes to show that our animals often know better than we do.

My interpersonal goal at the moment is to send love and light and let go whenever I feel even the slightest negative emotion towards someone.  It seems to be working for the most part, but I know that, in this, I need to maintain diligence or I will slide back and let stupid things annoy me.  But, like all of Humanity, I am but a work in progress, and the effort in the “work” has to come from me!

Love and light.