In case this silly program decides to deny me my right to post a title, this is September 25, 2012. 🙂
(OK, I found a way around it, but in true accounting managerial fashion, I had to do it through a back door!)

I’m struggling with the blogger program and have been for the last couple of days.  I updated my java which at least let me get to the point where I can write a post again, for which, by the way, I am very grateful, but now I’m unable to type in the title box.  Hum a de hum.

At the recommendation of a dance friend, and after doing a little online research, I started using l-glutamine, which is an amino acid, in fact the most prevalent one in the human body.  So far, I’m drinking gallons of water and am in the bathroom more than I’m out.  I’m not entirely sure it is a result of the new supplement, but we’ll see how the next few days go.  If it is, I may have to cut it back on Saturday so I can enjoy the concert without having to get up every 5 minutes!  At any rate, this stuff is supposed to help my digestion, help build muscle and even curb cravings.  I’m looking forward to that!

Another change I’ve made is to follow the glycemic load instead of the glycemic index.  What this means, overall is that I’m going to try not counting calories for a week or so and just stick with predominantly low glycemic load foods.  I’ts not a huge change as it still means no grains, potatoes, rice or corn, but it also means I can have a small bowl of full fat ice cream and that proteins, nuts and a lot of my favorite veggies are actually zero load!!!  So tonight I had another piece of the pecan and hazelnut crusted salmon (all of which are zero load), a bunch of asparagus and some of Heather’s wonderful garlic olive oil aioli.  I followed it with a small bowl of mocha almond fudge ice cream.  Yum!!  I also drank another two glasses of water and ate a few almonds, but, unlike last night, I wasn’t prowling the kitchen trying to figure out what else I might want to eat!  In other words, I was completely satisfied!  (I’ll bet most men will tell you that those words are rarely heard from a woman, won’t they?)

Of course, the proof in the pudding will be shown on the tape measure and the scale, though I feel a lot more energetic.  I also found it easier to get into my meditative state this afternoon.  The simple answer might just be that I’ve stopped stressing over what I can and cannot eat because what I like is, for the most part, low on the glycemic load scale, and thus, I don’t feel the least bit deprived.  And speaking of pudding, the full fat kind is also low!  Woo hoo!  And my mixed fruit bowl and veggie scramble are as well.

I will post my progress on this as it comes.

And for today’s gratitudes:

1. I am grateful for the excess energy.
2. I am grateful for a quiet day at the office today.
3. I am grateful to the guy in the blue Toyota Tundra who changed lanes and held back to let me go too.
4. I am grateful to Petsmart for easily exchanging the too small cat pan liners I bought by mistake.
5. I am grateful for the peace and harmony I am enjoying at home and at work.
6. (had to sneak this one in) I am grateful that this week is a massage week!  (a week early, due to my surgery, but I do love my massage weeks!!!)

And now, I’m grateful for my soft, inviting bed which the kitties are keeping warm for me.

Love and light.