Today was like a bell curve.

I know that probably sounds geeky and weird, but it’s the only thing I could think of to describe today’s energy. I started out slow, easy and mellow, taking longer than I should have to actually get going. Distractions were like lightening bugs, beckoning me to follow. Although I had plans which would take me out of the house, I kept finding things I simply had to do before I left!

I did finally get out of the house around 2 and spent the next couple of hours doing what I’d planned. As it happens, it worked out better than I’d expected as I didn’t hit the after school rush I’d thought I would. Traffic in the stores was light, though I did hit a slow patch on the freeway which turned out to be a trash truck inching along while everyone did their best to get around it. People were in good moods, cheerful and friendly. I found what I needed easily, and even picked up a couple of things for my son-in-law’s next care package.

What I noticed most about today, though, so completely followed what I’ve been reading about from other people that, by the end of the day, I just had to sit back and say: “Hmmmmmm The only way to describe it is vibrant and light and incredibly uplifting. It makes me anxious to see what the next few days–no, weeks, even months will bring! It’s like taking all of the holidays and rolling them up into one, big bundle and celebrating everything you can think of for a week or more, just because you can.

I did, however, liken the day to a bell curve. At the other end was a plethora of shows I DVR’d tonight and, of course, had to sit down and watch while zipping past the commercials. Granted, I spent a lot of time fidgeting and playing with my iPad while watching, but it was still a lower energy path to the last part of the day.

I find that I’m planning out the next few days with either errands or tasks I want to accomplish. Not all of it is on my To Do list, per se, but all are things I need to accomplish at some point. I even scheduled my errands into “perishable day” and “non-perishable day”. For those in cooler climes, this probably seems silly, but here, where we call a day in the 80’s “a nice respite from the heat”, leaving anything perishable in the car for very long means you just flushed the cost of those items down the drain!

At the end of the day, I see this energy shift that some attribute to the Autumn Equinox a positive time of completing projects, reconnecting and good, strong forward momentum. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the time of harvest rather than forward momentum. A time where what we’ve worked on all year is harvested and stored away to carry us through the winter (which seems kind of weird since our growing season is maybe March to November). Yet, this year hasn’t followed normal patterns anyway, so why should we begin going by the book at this late stage? Instead, let’s throw away that book and follow those energies wherever they might take us! Who’s in?

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for a shift in energies.
2. I am grateful to be making my own way, following my own star.
3. I am grateful for this lighter, more energetic feeling.
4. I am grateful for expansion. The world has become such a robust organism and we, her inhabitants, are beneficiaries of the energies of growth.
5. I am grateful for abundance: energy, love, connections, friendship, health. joy and prosperity.