Nobody told me decluttering my home, much less my life, was going to be so exhausting!!!  As promised, I got an earlier start today, made quick work of the living room and started on my bedroom.  YIKES!!!  Have I really accumulated so much shit???  And don’t even get me started on the stack of books I moved to my den, which is the next victim of my onslaught, if I don’t fall victim first.  My knees were much happier being pushed to the limit last night than they are with the rigors of cleaning!  It’s a race to see whether my drive or my knee gives out first!  But I’m seeing dresser tops and walls I’d forgotten existed, so there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

That is not to say that I didn’t take a very long break between about 3 and 6 to ice my knee, go get food and just veg in front of the TV for awhile.  But I am determined to finish my bedroom before I sleep.  It seems that I’m getting a room done a day so I can’t slip up now, or I’ll have to face the rest of my bedroom and (of course I saved the worst for last) my den/office, or what clearly looks like where Border’s puked up the last of it’s books before closing it’s doors!  It is definitely a librarian’s nightmare, a cross between post earthquake at the library and office supply hell.  Not that Loki’s propensity for crawling behind the monitor and printer has helped matters any!  This is definitely NOT the room I’d choose to be in if another large earthquake hit.  I’d likely be battered and bruised by Jude Deveraux and Fern Michaels before it was over.  (thankfully, Nora Roberts is off to my left as her shelf is three deep and two high, spanning a shelf that’s half the width of the room!)

But the stacks taking up residence on top of bins and the surface under the window are soon to find new homes.  After a number of years of using the internet to do research, I decided it was time to pack up the old World Book Encyclopedia and Childcraft for my daughter to have when she finally gets a place with sufficient bookshelves for her own impressive collection. 

But at this point, I’m still only envisioning clear counter, dresser and floor space as the process is yet far from completion.  Not to minimize what has been accomplished because it’s nothing short of amazing, if I do say so myself!  (The felines, however, are not at all impressed.  Their peaceful world is currently in a state of wild disarray as far as they are concerned, and the sooner life returns to normal and laps are made available for their use, the better!)  OK, so I’m exaggerating how little has been done.  My dresser is relatively clear as is one nightstand and I’m making inroads into the second one as well!  Only one more box to rifle through, even if it IS the biggest one of all!  And the plastic hooky things I got at Christmas time which I didn’t end up using for hanging stockings are coming in really handy for putting up pictures and baseball caps in my room.  A couple of over the door hangers are working well for my vast collection of hair bands and ties, and not a few things are finally making their way to the trash as I wonder why I kept them as long as I did! 

Even more impressive is that my kitchen counters are still clear.  I emptied the dishwasher when I got up so all dishes used or found in the course of decluttering are going straight in.  I did have one frightening thought as I quickly wiped a bit of shmutz from the counter that I was taking after my mother in my craziness to keep things clean once I got them cleared and scrubbed.  I hope this isn’t terminal!  

The funniest part of the clearing, though, is the cats’ reactions.  Scooby immediately took up residence on my suddenly empty director’s chair (he especially likes the fact that it’s bar stool height so he can survey his kingdom), Munchkin got the wild idea that I’d cleared the kitchen counter for her benefit, and I’ve had to chase Dylan and Toby off the dining room table more times than I can count!  As if the two trees and the backs of the sofas aren’t enough for them!

But my break time is over.  I must finish my bedroom before I collapse in exhaustion.

Love and light