Another day added to my streak!  It seems that I’ve gotten into yet another habit.  I come home, fix myself a healthy dinner, snuggle with the cats while watching a little tv, then into the kitchen to fix the next day’s meals and clean everything up.  After so many years of slovenliness, I can’t believe how wonderful it feels to go to bed with a clean kitchen.  And even better is to walk into it in the morning, able to do whatever I need to without shifting a bunch of stuff around to make room. 

A post today from one of my facebook friends reminded me of how important it is to pay attention to the amount of water I’m consuming.  The post challenged readers to drink a gallon of water today,  and although I didn’t quite make it, I managed a very respectable 80 ounces or 5 16 ounce bottles!  I did drink more on Friday but we were out in the heat most of the day, and the mere 80’s we’re seeing right now can’t compare to the triple digits we “enjoyed” last week!  I’ll definitely try to beat today’s consumption tomorrow!  I love to challenge myself to beat my own records!  It’s far more satisfying than beating someone else because each time I pass another milestone, I’m becoming a better me.

I’m very proud of both of my daughters right now.  They are both going out of their way to spend time with my sister and to make sure she’s included in family gatherings.  Today, she got to visit with my granddaughter too, and I know that perky little girl just brightened her day! 

But my brain has shut down and is no longer sending messages to my fingers, so on that thought of love and sharing, I’ll wish you

Love and light.