My daughters are 25 years old today.  Wow!  it doesn’t seem like it was very long ago that they were my granddaughter’s age, but there you have it.  And now Heather is married and Jenni has a child and I am living by myself.  The last year has brought some huge changes to my life, and I’m nothing if not exhilarated! 

I’m also noticing that today, my blog has exceeded 1100 hits, and today is the first day of the third week of writing something every single day!  I still haven’t dragged my butt to the gym, but since I found my free weights last week, I’m planning to add some air to my resistance ball and do some weight work at home.  No reason why not! 

Well, the free weights I found were too light and I can’t for the life of me figure out where the rest of the set wandered off to, so I headed for Walmart which was a bust, and then to Big 5 which I usually hate because they tend to be overpriced, but $85 later, I’m the proud owner of a pair of 10 pound free weights and a nice, cushy mat to take the place of the carpet and padding that was ripped up earlier this year.  So now, even when I don’t want to do my sweating around people, I can ( and did) do some weight work in front of the TV followed by at least a few crunches and some nice stretching.  Sure, I don’t get as much in as if I went to the gym and used some of the equipment, but it’s a start, and now, there’s no excuse for missing at least 2 days a week of weights!  I seriously considered looking into one of those Bowflex machines, but have no idea where I’d put the darn thing!  I also need to figure out how they manage to get the resistance balls at the gym so full of air.  Mine is squishy, no matter how long I pump air into the bloody thing!

But here it is, tomorrow, as I’m  finishing my post.  My kitchen is clean, the sandboxes are scooped, food is ready for tomorrow, and, having worked from home today, I finally caught up on the things I wasn’t able to through two days of constant interruptions.  Do people not understand a closed door these days???

But the rest of the week should be a blast.  Dancing tomorrow night, Rascal Flatts with Heather on Friday night, and planning and executing Heather’s birthday party with Mathom on Saturday.  Maybe this weekend I’ll even get a day to work on the decluttering of my office (sounds like a cheap horror flick!).  I’m dragging my feet on a number of other things and know that the office and its current state is the main reason!  But to steal a line from one of my favorite authors, “quoth the raven, Nevermore!”  This will be done and I will get all of the projects going that have been on hold this year.  The seeds have lain dormant long enough!  I truly love walking into my uncluttered living room, bedroom and kitchen these days.  It is so easy to put everything back in order when I’m not stumbling over a lot of crap.  Even the kitties are seeing the benefit of more cleared space (except for our ongoing battle over the dining room table, but I filled the squirt bottle tonight and Loki was the first to experience my sharpshooter aim!  No surprise there, the little troublemaker!)  I am noticing, however, that the sofas don’t stay put very well on the bare floor, so I’m constantly moving the loveseat away from the window.  Small price to pay, though. 

As it nears 1 AM, my body should be crying out for sleep, but even though it’s failing to do so, I’m going to do the smart thing, and get some rest.

Love and light.