Over the last couple of weeks, since wedding frenzy ended, I’ve told myself I should resume my decluttering in preparation for the changes I know are still coming, but knee pain and, let’s face it, laziness, won out!  But today, after dragging my butt for a couple more hours than I should have, I actually succumbed to the need to clear my space, as it were.  Thus, I sit here at 3:00 PM with a clean kitchen (except for the floor which will be part of a mass floor blitzkrieg once all rooms are cleared!), resting my knee before beginning an onslaught on the living room. 

The cats are looking at me like I’ve lost another pound of marbles, but have finally gotten the idea and are staying out from under my feet.  I’m even resisting my usual urge to work on another room when I put things in their proper place.  It was a struggle at first, especially when I got to the storage room in the garage.  OK, so I rearranged a little, but I needed to get some printer paper, and there were a couple of things which, when rearranged, made it easier to get to other things I needed, like, for example, my weights!

…several hours later…

Didn’t get to the living room today, but I plan on starting earlier tomorrow.  I had to save my strength (and my knees) for a truly amazing night of dancing, chatting and best of all, laughing.  It was a wonderful, energy filled night with my dance friends.  The atmosphere was especially festive despite the fact that it was quite warm and we were all oozing body fluids profusely.  ( I know that sounds nasty, but it’s what my fingers wanted to type!  Sweat just wasn’t graphic enough!)  So endorphins are happy, knee is pretty happy, and best of all, I’m ecstatic!  Dancing and socializing with people who see the world as I do, that without our dance nights, life is just dull and dreary!  Seriously, no matter how bad a day might have been, you walk through that door, put your dance shoes on, and the rest doesn’t matter.  You get into a better frame of mind and you can handle whatever life dishes out.  Dancing equals bucket loads of positive energy and with positive energy, we are unstoppable!

Sure those pesky negative thoughts may try to sneak in, but like roaches and Raid, the positive energy body slams the negative thoughts into oblivion!  They do not like the rarified air that positive energy creates.  When we breathe it in, our whole body smiles,  and our face just glows with all of that greatness.  I think that if I danced for an hour before tackling any project, I would complete it faster, easier and better for the endorphin rush.  I may have to give that a try before I start cleaning again tomorrow!  It might make me get the living room, bedroom and office done, plus the floor scrubbing!!  Then I’ll have all day Monday to be lazy or crazy, as I see fit!  Maybe all of the above!!!

Love and light!