I admit it.  It’s been what seems like a million years since I even entertained the idea of dating, much less actually participated in the sport!  I like to joke that my dad has gotten more action than I have in recent years, and he died in 2003!  The reality is, that’s not very far from the truth.  I’ve been busy with my somewhat checkered career, raising kids and all manner of other more important things the last few years, or so I keep telling myself! 

My point (and yes, there really is one!) here is that the saga from the other night seems to be continuing, although I suspect it will be much quieter until Wednesday rolls around again!  Said gentleman decided to show up on a Thursday which is not typically a night he will show up due to another commitment.  He sits down at my table and waits until I finish line dancing, and asks me to two-step.  We had a couple of really good songs, and wonderful dancing (at least from where I danced!).  He went and danced with a couple of other ladies, then I got out on the floor for more line dances, and darn it all, he was watching!  Now, that can be either energizing or unnerving, depending on the situation.  This time, I have to say, it was a little of both!  Fortunately, they played some of my favorite dances, so I just had fun with it, especially when a girl got out on the floor who didn’t know the dance, but was doing her darndest to follow, and even better, to stay out of my way!  She’d get the funniest expressions on her face as I’d start spinning in her direction, but she was very considerate and, if anything, she made the experience even more enjoyable. 

Now, to my credit, I refused to really make eye contact, which, for me, is really hard to do as I just have to when I either dance with or talk to someone, but as, frankly, I don’t know the rules of the game he seems to be playing, nor am I inclined to play games of that nature, I just have to alter my approach in this situation.  So now, it sounds like, like it or not, I am playing a game of sorts, right?  Grrrr!  The control freak in me is having a very tough time with this one! 

I guess what I really need to do is to decide whether I want to play the boy-girl games again, this late in my career, and if I do, I need to learn how to accurately read the signs (or carry one that says “I’m socially retarded!” so they know not to bother with me!) so I can respond appropriately instead of acting like some silly little bimbo who twirls her hair, giggles and frequently says “Oh Really?” with a vapid look on her face.  It’s a darn good thing they didn’t require a class in male-female interpersonal relations in school or I’d have flunked it in a stupendously grand manner, not unlike a bass drum player  or tuba player tripping in the middle of a marching band field show.   It’s almost like I need to say “ta-da!” to try to convince people I am looking like a clueless teenager on purpose for the comedic effect! 

So if anyone knows where a class in boy-girl 101 is taught, I would definitely consider signing up, if for no other reason than to keep my feet on the dance floor instead of in my mouth for the sake of the other single women out there to keep me out of their way while they play the game according to those unwritten rules.  (how’s that for a completely convoluted, run-on sentence?  I’m sorry Mrs. Dix!  I know you tried to teach me grammar!)

Love and light