In thinking over the affirmations I’ve set and some of the short term results over the last month or so, it occurs to me that, the Universe being what it is, it is important to be very clear when we set our intentions as, much like the book “Half Magic”, we might get something sort of like what we want, but not quite.  Whereas, if we are very clear about the intentions we set, the Universe can then simply expand upon them.  Such is the case with my affirmation that I will find a dance partner with whom to practice what I’m learning.  I need to be more clear that I want to find someone I can practice with over the long term, who is unencumbered in areas which might preclude his being able to practice with me somewhat regularly.  These encumbrances might include a demanding job with very long hours, a steady girlfriend or wife, other outside activities which consume large blocks of time…any of these would make it difficult to get practice time in and would not enable me to improve in any reasonable amount of time. 

I realize that, to some degree, this all sounds very selfish, but really, what are affirmations but our personal wants and desires.  And how can we achieve them if we don’t set them out, clearly and so as to brook no misunderstandings?  Did Thomas Edison say “gee, I’m going to play with these little wiry thingies and see what comes out of it”?  No, he decided he was going to make a particular item, and then set out to do just that.  And of course, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that once you do start seeing results, there is a perfect opportunity to continue to make improvements on your desires until they really are perfect, and then we set more intentions (not that we can’t set them in the midst of perfecting previous ideas!)  Ideally, we have plans in various stages of progress so that when one thing stalls, we have three or four others to focus our attention on so we don’t screw up the Universe’s work!  There is definitely a time and a place for meddling, and one for stepping back and letting the dough rise, as it were. 

So at this point, I am taking another look at my affirmations, stepping back and regrouping, and modifying the original intention if I feel that clarification will better suit my plans.

And here’s hoping that my remodel will actually begin next Monday!

Love and light.