Yesterday, I spent a really wonderful day, chasing all over the Valley for a pair of shoes!  Now, before you think I’ve lost my mind and turned into one of those women who lusts after a pair of designer shoes with an obscene price tag, I went looking for dance shoes!  If I’m going to dance 4+ nights a week, I need to give my feet a change up.  Also, after dancing for a couple of weeks in my suede bottomed, dance boots, I wore my dance rubber soled sneaks and tweaked the tendon or whatever it is (someone said “MCL”?) that runs behind my knee and spent two days icing and resting it.  Fortunately, by last night it was as good as new!  We also discovered a delicious Japanese barbecue place that I now know is part of a chain because several friends commented on my Facebook check-in. 

But that wasn’t the strange part of the day, though I did get, not one, but two new pairs of dance shoes, and each of the kids got sneaks (though we had to send Mathom back for his while we waited for our lunch to be served as he was stubbornly clinging to his comfy and familiar boots.   As these new sneaks have suede bottoms, I suspect his dancing skills will increase exponentially now that he won’t be sticking to the floor! 

At any rate, I spent a good part of the day with a very strong feeling that someone who normally does not dance on Saturday nights would be there, possibly before I even arrived, and the rest of the day trying to convince myself that it was just wishful thinking.  When I arrived at Borderline, I breathed a sigh of relief that I’d convinced myself, but my relief was short-lived.  But there were several people at my table and he kept his distance for awhile.  As the evening grew later and people left, I did get to dance with him a bit more, and to my surprise, found that the smooth, easiness and connection we used to have was gone.  I don’t know if it was on my part or his, but, in some cases, his lead was awkward and there was a repeat of Thursday night when he missed catches after turns.  I don’t really know if it’s just me turning faster, or him catching slower or just the fact that we’re out of sync now.  It doesn’t really matter because the important thing is, the spell has been broken.  I can see him as a dance partner and maybe a friend at some point, but that is all.  The rose colored glasses have come off and I see the warts as well as the qualities.  I gave him a quick hug as I said goodnight, and felt like a weight had been lifted.

Part of the process has allowed me to see that, in spending too much time thinking about him, I was thwarting whatever plans the Universe has for me, as I was continuing to attract or be attracted by the wrong thing, and leaving no room for the right one. 

As I sat and observed between dances, I noticed two somewhat younger blonde women sitting on the rail.  The guys were hovering around them like bees, two in particular, which didn’t stop some of the others from asking them to dance.  As I drove home, I thought to myself that I don’t think I’d have liked having those two guys sticking like glue, but really have no idea what their likes or dislikes are.  I guess I wouldn’t be a very good cute, blonde woman because the attention they seem to draw would annoy me rather than amuse me.  I guess I’m just right the way I am!

I had a wonderful time running around, getting pictures of everyone, costumed or not!  Some folks were incredibly clever including a woman dressed as Barbie who even brought the pink box to stand in for the costume contest, and the couple who rode (and wore) their horses!  Watching them dance with their horses was nothing short of hysterical! 

I got a lot of dancing in, broke in one of my new pairs of shoes and all in all, had a blast!  Happy Halloween!

Love and light