I had a rough couple of days with my back out of whack, but today, after another little adjustment, I’m feelin’ all right!!  Now I can refocus all of my healing energies on my knee!  I am so blessed to have such warm, thoughtful, caring friends who have been giving me tons of moral support as I prepare myself for this procedure which will allow me to keep on dancing!  Tomorrow will be my last night of the frivolity for a couple of weeks, and I intend to make the most of it!  I have to get 2 weeks worth of dancing into the one night, and boy, will I!  There’s a new dance to learn, friends to visit with and a birthday to celebrate, so it’ll be a wonderful send off!! 

Toby is practicing his nursing skills every evening, and I know he’ll do an excellent job.  Dylan is, of course, already an expert nurturer as is Munchkin.  Loki, of course, things it’s all about her!

Heather treated us to a wonderful sushi dinner tonight after work!  We are definitely not the neatest, most clever sushi eaters, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely!  In fact, I’d say we nearly ate ourselves into a sushi stupor, topped off by green tea tempura ice cream.  Heather and I shared one, but let Mathom have a whole one to himself to try to calm his raging sweet tooth.  But when I saw him after his class,, he said he was going home to eat more ice cream!  Silly man!

I’ve been experiencing some tummy churning the last couple of nights and I’m hoping I’m not giving into anxiety about my knee.  I know everything is going to be fine and I intend to follow the doctor’s orders to the letter!  Fortunately, the churning passes, so I guess it’s nothing really worrisome.

Tonight’s gratitudes are:

1. I’m grateful that my dancing will only suffer a temporary hiatus.
2. I’m grateful for evenings spent with my kids.
3. I’m grateful for kitty nurses.
4. I’m grateful for loving, caring, supportive friends.
5. I’m grateful for wonderful opportunities to learn which continue to present themselves.

Love and light.