Between last night’s dancing,and today’s errands and weight lifting, courtesy of the 40 pound boxes of cat sand, my knee has definitely been happier, but even so, by the time I got back from a wonderful evening with friends and the Dukes of Doo Wop, I didn’t even need to ice it!  Another sign that full recovery isn’t far away!

At any rate, this will be extremely short as I’m exhausted (didn’t even make up breakfast and lunch for tomorrow) and almost didn’t get this written at all.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for new experiences.
2. I am grateful for completed chores.
3. I am grateful for sunny days and blue skies.
4. I am grateful for continued improvement in the healthy and fit department.
5. I am grateful for abundance and being able to do whatever I want to do.

Love and light.