It occurs to me as my dancing time increases, that I would really like to work on my technique more, while still getting a lot of dancing in, but I really, really, really need someone I can practice with so I can focus on the correct way to do things!  I know I’ve put out the call before, but I’m going to reiterate it with more emotion because, please Universe, I REALLY need someone who can give me the opportunity to get better at WCS, two-step and nightclub two-step!  I want to be able to go to workshops and actually retain some of the material!  Is this too much to ask for an admitted dance addict?  I really need my fix, and I need a higher level fix now than I used to!  If I need to venture further afield to find this crazy dancer guy who matches my dance craziness, so be it, but give me a sign (I know I’m asking for it now, as when I give ol’ Universe permission, I get much more than I asked for!)

There must be something in the wind as “anxiety stomach” is in full swing, and a far as I know, the only thing on the agenda for tonight is a stop on the way home for some sushi and a quiet night at home.  None of this should be setting off the alarm bells which cause my stomach to misbehave.  So is this another false alarm, or will my plans have some kind of unexpected upheaval?  Those things which have been setting it off lately are about as likely as a snowstorm in July in L.A., so I’m really wondering what the heck is going on with my innards!  Are they becoming unreliable?  Or just sporadically so?  I guess the answer will come somewhere between now and lights out tonight!

I’m thinking that maybe I’m just being warned to stop fixating on things so the Universe can help me maximize my intentions!

And sushi, a quiet night at home and icing the tendon or whatever it is on the back of the knee, which I apparently abused last night were the perfect end of a great week and the perfect beginning for what I’m sure will be a lovely weekend!

Love and light.