I had the best day today!  First, I went to the nutritionist and found that I’d lost 7 pounds in the last 4 weeks!  Amazing!  And talking to her about my excessive energy, she said that was a by product of eating so frequently and keeping the blood sugar stable.  OK, that’s cool, as long as I sleep!

But the best part (ok, this is a gimmee in a way) was the dancing!  Two high school friends and one of their daughters joined me tonight and were real troopers trying to learn a line dance that is far from one of the easiest.  I was really impressed with their tenacity as they kept it up even though the movements were unfamiliar!  And it was so much fun getting to just chat about life and stuff!  But it gets better!  This was one of those rare nights when there was an abundance of men (or a lack of women, which is fine with me) and I got a lot of two-stepping and couples dancing in on top of tons of line dancing!  But better still, my stamina is nearly at the level it was 15 years ago!  I did a fast two step and not only did my feet keep up, I wasn’t even winded at the end.  Then I did a couple of sets with 2 songs in a row, and again, was ready for more!  If my energy level stays like this, I’ll drop the excess weight very steadily from now until I’m where I really feel good (and can fit back into those Roper jeans and my skirts!)!

So last night, Nemesis tells me he wasn’t sure that he would be there tonight as he was pretty tired.  Something told me he’d be there, but it didn’t tell me that he’d get there earlier than normal!  Granted, he’s still not doing the first two step with me any more, but I got several and they were all fun, so who cares what number they are.  We dance well together, don’t take it too seriously, get some practice in on what we learned in the lesson, and he’s been putting some pretty nifty combinations together lately.  Of course, as I am turning a lot faster as the energy level increases, he’s having to learn that if he’s going to do a catch, he needs to be right on time, or I’ll just keep on going!  We had a few laughs over that!  I was having way too much fun prancing around the floor tonight, adding extra spins to line dances, and just altogether trying to burn off the energy which seems to be rising exponentially with each pound lost!    I’ll be running the Energizer bunny off the road soon at this rate!  Like the roadrunner, I’ll be saying “Meep Meep” as I blaze on by!  I feel like my aura must be radiating out at least 20 or 30 feet, I feel so much joy!  I want to spin wildly around and send that joy out as far as I can, so it will touch many people and, hopefully, bring a smile to their faces, if only for a little while.  I’m bursting with the joy I feel and just have to share it!  (I’d sing but I’m afraid the neighbor’s dogs might start howling and people are trying to sleep!)

But I’m just too wild and crazy to keep typing, so I’ll send some of my joy out to whoever wants some!

Love and light.