Another restful and early night, for which Dylan seemed to be approving as I woke with him wrapped around my head, purring.  I guess he doesn’t like my squirrelly nights either!  And with him wrapped around my head, it seemed to deter Toby from a full on musical number.  Guess we know who the boss is!

This isn’t to say that my restlessness has abated, just that it seems to take a break for a few hours so it can return to harass me again when I’m awake enough to appreciate it.  I was sitting at my desk this morning when I felt my stomach drop in what I’ve come to refer to as “anxiety stomach”.  It can mean anything from something I’m dreading though this one is pretty rare) to something I’m looking forward to, like maybe, a Disneyland trip, to knowing that I’m going to run into someone who elicits a strong emotional response.  At the moment, I can’t think of anything which might inspire this reaction, but the day is still young.  I did have a weird dream about Heather and I both losing our jobs, but the situations were, as has been true of most of my nighttime travels lately, far removed from reality in both of our cases.  I do recall, though, as I prepared for another job search, trying to explain to a dance acquaintance why I wasn’t a CPA, and why it was actually in my best interests to not be.  A key point I did notice when experiencing a job loss kind of dream was that I wasn’t overly concerned about meeting my financial obligations.  It was more like an “oh, well.  new roads to travel”.  I also remember coming back to find everyone discussing me, and not even noticing that I was there and could hear them, and gathering up what seemed like an excessive amount of personal items.  I also opened up drawers where I was hoarding some very odd collections of office supplies.  Could this be an indication that I have a lot more decluttering to do?  Interestingly, one of the items was rolls and rolls of thin red tape.  An indication of things to come in regard to one of my endeavors, perhaps?  Or the fact that if I hide it away, it won’t be useable by anyone else?  ( I rather like that theory!  I’m sorry, Mr. Government official.  But there is no red tape available at this time.  You’ll just have to get the job done without any unnecessary delays this time!  Pay attention Simi Valley Building and Safety!)

Closing in on the end of the day and no explanation as to why I had the sudden occurrence of anxiety stomach, so I’ll just chalk it up to a false alarm.  Dancing again tomorrow.  I hope my feet are ready!  I’m really enjoying Wednesday nights as I’m working on strengthening my skills.  (I’m hoping I’ll also increase my chances of attracting a practice partner in the bargain!)  But my energy level is still high, despite working all day and walking around Costco for the better part of an hour (I had a craving for ribs and they weren’t ready!).  Now I just need to finish laundry and figure out where in my overstuffed refrigerator to put the roasted chicken I bought to use for lunches!  Shoehorn, anyone?

And the shopping spree in my closet is yielding delightful results as I’m now wearing a size smaller pants!  Hooray!!!  And it only took 20 pounds to get there!  I’m betting the next drop in size will not take as many pounds.  In the first drop, I lost a lot in places that don’t affect my pants size, but now the reduction energies are focusing more in that central hub where we women seem to become abundant!  Keep those good thoughts and dance floors coming!

Love and light.