I experienced something rather disturbing tonight as I tried to seal my field while dancing.  Each time I set the seal, my energy field expanded, slipping out from the confines of the seal.  No matter how hard I tried to get the seal around the energy, it just kept slipping out. 

I noticed that I felt rather fatigued this evening, but the old chicken and the egg question is: was I tired because I was struggling to seal my field or was I struggling to seal my field because I was tired?

Either way, a good night’s sleep won’t do me any harm, and with a busy weekend ahead of me, it’s probably just as well.

Nothing seems to be holding my focus right now, and I can only surmise that everything has assumed a holding pattern until I can get everything in place.  Meanwhile, I’m inspired to finish organizing my office, so I will likely pick up that task over the next few weeks, in between working on some writing projects and doing a bit of research.

As I find myself at a loss for words, I’ll end this evening’s post with my usual gratitudes:

1. I am grateful for an abundance of energy, albeit beyond my control at the moment.
2. I am grateful for confidence in risky decisions.
3. I am grateful for the support my friends give me, no matter what I might decide to do.
4. I am grateful for my dance evenings, even when I cut them a bit shorter than usual.
5. I am grateful for my warm, soft bed which awaits me, and is most likely already full of cats.

Love and light.