The restlessness continues, and, in fact, is worse today than ever, but at least I’m putting it to good use.  Got up this morning for my nail appointment, then met the contractor to order cabinets.  By the time I got home I was literally bouncing off the walls so I figured it was a sign to go to the gym.  I cannot believe that I’m even more energized now than I was before I went?  My arms are shaking so badly that I had a devil of a time typing a text into my iPhone, but I feel like I could run a marathon or maybe clean my whole house (which it desperately needs anyway!).  I feel like a rechargeable battery on steroids.  The more energy I expend, the more I have!  (and I just looked down at the time stamp on this blog site and it’s 1:11.  It’s like a line of soldiers is marching me along in triple quick time these days!)

They’ve been making a big deal about the date 11/11/11 in the media lately.  I’m starting to wonder if that has anything to do with the way energy seems to be building up in people lately?  Are we all gearing up for a veritable launching of new ideas and life paths in another couple of weeks?  Could a date really have that much impact on the world?  I’m looking forward to finding out, but in the meantime, the amount of energy passing through my body is quite extraordinary!  I feel like, given the right tools, I could move a mountain right now!  Dancing should be interesting tonight.  I hope that they either play a lot of my favorite, high energy line dances tonight, or that there are enough men around to get in some two step and couples dancing.  Or both!  It’s going to take an awful lot to get me wound down enough to sleep tonight!

Ahhh, it is so nice when the Universe takes what I ask for and multiplies it!  They played the high energy dances AND I got some two steppin’ and couples dancing in!  Life is good!  I’m still wound up, but, hopefully, tired enough to go to sleep in a couple of hours!  I LOVE the dancing!  It’s getting better and better all the time as my energy level rises to levels I haven’t seen in a few years!  With only 20 pounds gone so far, I can’t even imagine what I’m going to be like when I reach my first goal!  Yikes!  I’m going to have to find some younger men to dance with, methinks! 🙂  I think this is a kind of de-aging process which I recommend highly! 

And the energy high (I think that describes it well) continues all around me.  Borderline was crowded from early on tonight, and, again, the energy was definitely in the ‘frantic” range!  If it’s still going to build from here, I can only imagine what could be accomplished in the coming months!  Mother Earth would definitely benefit from having some of the positive energy directed her way to heal so many wounds!  So that will be my focus, and I will do my best to attract as much energy from others to point towards that goal.

Love and light