Sleep and dreams were all over the map last night. I woke up several times after getting to bed too late in the first place, and most times, I found Toby snuggling.  Dreams ran the gamut from going to a shopping center I frequent regularly to find that all of the stores had changed since the last time I was there, to riding my bicycle around town to meet with various people about my remodel, to everything in between.  In one of the remodel segments (and they just seemed to flow into each other without any rhyme or reason) I had cabinet people at my house where a large table was set up in the middle of my kitchen.  The table was an oversized card table which someone had covered in half inch squares of sticky backed vinyl.  I was showing the vendor the plans while they were somehow putting different configurations on the walls so I could see how they looked.  With no apparent segue, I was riding my bike through an open air woodworking shop where Heather was showing me her wish list.  Then on to my bedroom where the guinea pig tank was on the floor and Marie had a twin.  As I was commenting on the fact that there were now two, a little girl walked in with something in her hands which she dropped partially into the tank and partially on the floor.  It turned out to be little, furry spiders and I woke up from screaming at the kids to get them off of me as they decided to crawl up my legs!  Yuk!!!!   (even if they were kinda cute little black and yellow guys!)  OK, so the dreams were weird, but even weirder is the fact that I can see where my subconscious got some of it.  I’m supposed to meet my contractor at a cabinet makers tomorrow to pick out exactly the cabinets I want so he can place the order.  The extra guinea pig can be explained because Mathom mentioned that while he was at a pet store yesterday, a bunny tried to adopt him.  The spiders, however, defy explanation.   Maybe it was just time for me to wake up (I’d already overslept) so my subconscious devised something that was sure to get me moving!

So what I’ve managed to convey (or at least attempt to convey) is that, despite a lovely night of dancing (sans Nemesis, by the way) I didn’t sleep well again last night, and woke up feeling sluggish and lazy, which wasn’t helped by the fact that it’s overcast again today.  I’m looking forward to the end of my workday so I can go home and snuggle with my kitties.

A couple of nights of little sleep and despite the restlessness, I’m tired by 9:45.  I’m hoping a meditation and some extra sleep will calm the wild beasts (monkeys, most likely) who have been prowling around in my head all week!

Love and light