Today, one of my friends posted a little diagram on Facebook.  On the right is a small circle labeled “your comfort zone” and on the right is a larger circle labeled “Where the magic happens”.  Subtle, huh?  Definitely a cosmic head slap!  OK, so I was expecting those to begin, and have been spending a lot of time creating ridiculous scenarios around one of my current personal stress points, just to try to make it so ridiculous that it will go away.  As expected, though, this has not, so far, been effective, but maybe it takes time.

However, I’m starting to realize that this seemingly sudden desire, impulse, encouragement to get out of our rut, get into life, which begins outside of our comfort zones, is really much bigger than me in my often myopic world realized.  There are much larger forces at work world-wide right now, and, like a mother bird teaching her chicks to fly, they are pushing all of us with any outer awareness at all out of the nest and forcing us to step away from the known, the comfortable, the safe, into experiences which are, at once, exciting, invigorating and utterly terrifying!  But the good news is, we’re not doing it alone.  Not at all!  In fact, we have tons of company as we leave the safety and security of the known world and step, with the innocence and lack of expectations of the Tarot’s Fool, into what, at first, seems like nothing short of an abyss, and trust in the Universe, Spirit, or whatever else might resonate for us, to protect us, not from all stumbling and falling, but from those missteps which might prove fatal.   There is much for us to learn in the coming weeks, months and even years, prophecies of doom nothwithstanding. 

I know I am not alone in pursuing knowledge, and in learning not only to love and trust myself, but to love and trust the Universe and all of its occupants.  Not only to be kind and understanding with myself, but to recognize that everyone has their story and it is not for me to judge.  And in those times that I forget and start to judge, there have been people around me to remind me to take a step back and realize that I am not seeing the whole picture in a person’s seemingly erratic or negative actions.     It seems that this world encompassing kindness is an integral part of leaving the comfort zone behind, because without kindness, there cannot be trust.    That guy who cut me off on the freeway may have just gotten some bad news, or had a fight with his wife.  The woman in the grocery store who was lashing out at the sales clerk might have just lost a beloved pet.  Any or all of them might be experiencing something which, to me, is no reason for their behavior, but we react to stress in different ways, and sometimes, it’s the small things which put us over the edge when added to the rest of our loads.  I know I’m not the only one who has, at one time or another, collapsed on the floor, crying inconsolably over something minor because it was that final stick on my load which made the burden too heavy to bear.  But it is in those moments when we’ve had enough that we learn to find and accept the strength in others.  How could I have known that my ten year old daughters would be that strength when I thought I was supposed to be the one protecting and supporting them?  How many others reach their limit, only to find that strength in an unexpected person? 

And where, but outside our comfort zones, will we find and acknowledge the strength in others, and those times when we need to, not carry someone else, but be there to lend a hand?  It occurs to me that life as a human is meant to be a team effort, not a solo gig. 

I know that, at the moment, I’m making some missteps in finally opening myself up to a loving relationship.  I didn’t master the techniques (assuming there really are any) the first time around, and I certainly didn’t give myself a fair chance over the last 15 years, but I hope that I’ve learned something about myself and others so that, ultimately, I will be a magnet for that person who is the yin to my yang and with whom I can push aside the walls of my comfort zone and be there for him to do the same with his.  Having a partner with whom to join the worldwide movement to new and exciting places, beliefs and concepts, heck, having a partner to share any of life’s travels with, makes the trip a lot more interesting and enjoyable, and with two minds working together, you see a lot more because each mind sees things a little differently, and points out what the other might miss. 

I am beginning to enjoy this new journey I’ve undertaken, and am looking forward with eager anticipation to what might be around the next bend!

Love and light.