I have so much to be excited about and grateful for today!

In the last month, I’ve logged over 200 hits to my blog.  Thank you so much to all who take the time to read this!

Last night, I was able to do pretty much any line dance I wanted to with minimal discomfort to my knee.  Why is this so exciting, you ask?  It was only 8 days ago that I had surgery on my right knee!  8 days, and I’m dancing even the hardest line dances!  Granted, I’m avoiding those with excessive twisting, but I’m not avoiding hops, skips, or spins!  I don’t know if anyone is more surprised than I am, myself! 

Today’s plans to go to the gym suffered a bit of a delay, though.  I wandered out to the living room around 7:30 (much later than normal) to ice my knee as it had started to ache.  Heather texted me around 8:30 and I asked for more sleep time.  The trouble is, more sleep time ended up going until 11AM!  Yikes!  Way to late to sleep on a Sunday!  But we did get our workout in, followed by the weekly trek to Trader Joe’s for healthy fare for the week’s lunches and dinners.  We did notice an increased crankiness in some of our fellow shoppers.  Could the wind and increased temperatures have something to do with it?  Looks like our lovely Santa Ana, fire winds are back!  Let’s hope the fire bugs lay dormant this year.

My excuse for the extended sleep was a series of very odd dreams!  My friend Dezi was driving a vintage car and turned out to be an FBI agent in search of a guy posing as a specialty mechanic (and yes, she got her man!).  My son-in-law came home early from Reserves to tell us that he’d gotten a full-time job on the base, and my daughter was granted her fondest desire in a weird specialty shop, but they just gave her a bunch more stuff to fill up her already overflowing apartment.  They also took me aside and gave me something that was supposed to help me get my book written!  Now that, I’m sure was some kind of sign!  I was very grateful for the gift and, in some odd way, it made sense in the dream, though it doesn’t in the light of day.  It was a little, brocade covered book and a small magnifying glass.  I guess I’ll figure it out someday.  But it made me start rethinking what I was writing, so all I can say is, whatever it takes!  Later in the dream, Mathom had cleaned out Heather’s room, but it looked like he’d taken everything, and some of the stuff was mine.  I then discovered another bedroom in my house which I had never seen before.  He’d put a bunch of bags in there, but had still taken some of my stuff back to the apartment which Heather would have to sort through and return at some point (nothing all that important as it had been buried for a few months already!).  We then moved to my office where there were tiles on the floor , but many were cut into small odd-shaped pieces instead of just using whole tiles except where the space was too small, then cutting them to fit.  The small pieces were coming up and it appeared that there was no mastic on the floor to keep them in place.  And even more odd, the seams were scalloped rather than straight!  Heather was pulling up the old floor while a friend was apparently laying down the new tiles.  In this case, my office seemed to be about twice it’s actual size.  I sense a lot of wishful thinking going on in this dream sequence! 

I find it very interesting tonight, how people can fabricate an excuse to be angry with someone.  It seems to me an awful waste of energy in the first place, but to go back two months and decide to be angry because of where you were seated for a wedding reception???  Seriously???  That reeks of having way too much time on your hands, and if you ask me, would be better served by volunteering for something.  But to call and rip into someone for such a ludicrous slight simply baffles me and is completely beyond my comprehension.  Thank goodness, even in real life, people can be voted off the island for stupidity! 🙂  It also reminds me how lucky I am to be surrounded by positive, uplifting involved people!  (I haven’t been very involved in anything helpful lately, and hope to correct that soon, so I will be looking for a cause or two to support soon!)

Tonight’s gratitudes are:
1. I am so grateful that, when ugliness and pettiness try to visit my life, I can politely say, “No, thank you.  I don’t want to join your party as the party I’m at is much more enjoyable and uplifting.”.  It is unfortunate when I have to do this with family members, but they really are no different than anyone else in the Universe.  Their negativity and ugliness must reside with those of like mind. 
2. I am grateful for positive, uplifting friends who truly care about righting wrongs and curing ills rather than making them!
3. I am grateful for a “vote them off the island” button.
4. I am grateful for people who truly understand the meaning of “unconditional love” and practice it.
5. I am grateful for the ability to vent and a place to do so, rather than holding onto something that serves no useful purpose.  Once again, I go back to Accept, Acknowledge, Release all negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

Love and light.