My crazy, frantic, frenzied week finally came to an end in a truly delightful way.  The last day of the work week was far quieter than the first three, and I’m sleeping much better on nights when I wear myself out dancing, so the effects of the full moon are definitely waning.  I met Heather and Mathom for dinner and a movie (Footloose, which I highly recommend!) right after work tonight.  We spent awhile wandering the mall between dinner and the movie and just got to relax and unwind.  Of course, the movie wound us up and we’d have liked to do a little dancing afterwards, but both of the kids have to work early in the morning, so we just came home and they went to bed almost immediately.  (lucky me, I get to sleep in, cats willing, tomorrow!) 

I found it interesting, as I’ve listened to the Big Fat Lies Summit, that I am not alone in feeling that some of the cats I’ve been owned by over the years were more than just pets, but also soulmates.  I’m also seeing concurrence that there are people who come into your life who may be soulmates for a section of time, but aren’t the people you’ll actually settle down with as a mate.  There have been a couple of people who, for a bit, I really connected with but who just wouldn’t have worked in the long term for me, nor I for them, but their influence on my life was no less intense and important because it was only for the short term.  I am no less grateful that they were a part of my life when they were, and that they allowed me to share a small piece of their lives as well.  Again, there is a lot I disagree with in what the speakers are saying, but frankly, despite the assurances that this was not going to be an attempt to sell anything, each speaker clearly has her agenda, a service, a book or some other product to promote by doing this summit.  I don’t fault their marketing efforts.  I have the right to agree or disagree, purchase what they’re selling or not.  Meanwhile, I’m always able to take away some good information in the process, and appreciate the opportunity to hear different viewpoints and learn something new. 

I’m also thinking, as I listen, that I need to make time to work on my book as it has been quite some time since I sat down and put the effort in.  I’ll have some quiet time this weekend, in between packing, going to the gym, running errands and, of course, dancing, so I hope I can exert a little self-discipline and get a couple of thousand more words down.  I know that if I just sit myself down for 3 or 4 hours, I can pound out a nice chunk.  I just have to get back into my writer’s zone! 

Setting intentions always helps so here goes:

I intend to get more writing done on my book.
I intend to get to the gym at least once a week.
I intend to attract the perfect partner to really start improving my dancing.
I intend to start investigating and even laying groundwork for the time when my work situation changes again. 
I intend to spend more time talking to my daughter, and making sure I still know who she is and what her aspirations are.  She’s an amazing individual who makes me very proud time and time again.

And above all, I intend to keep myself open to recognizing and embracing the next soulmates to enter my life.

Oh, and Cinders, the amazing huntress, bagged herself another Ratone!  At some point they will recognize the inhospitableness of this domain!

Love and light