What an amazing week I’ve had!  I’ve somehow managed to dance four nights this week, and three of them in a row, yet I woke up this morning and all of my “parts” are happy!  Gone are the days of having to leave a night in between to recuperate!  I am so ecstatic about this!  I admit it, I’m a dance addict.  I’m happiest when I get to dance a lot!  But I fear I’m wearing out my dancing shoes and need to find alternatives, FAST!!!  I have to admit that the best night was Thursday, despite what I accidentally learned last night.  Not only did I get hours worth of line dances, but I got to do a lot of couples dances, a WCS and a bunch of two stepping!  All in all, I danced pretty close to three hours worth on Thursday alone, and to wake up with happy knees was pretty darn amazing!  Instead of overdoing and hurting, it seems that the more I do, the better everything feels!  What a concept!

On a slightly down note, I have discovered that my initial gut feeling was accurate.  I need to just enjoy the opportunity to practice my dancing with an amazing partner, but be very respectful of the institution of marriage.  Since most people seem to think I’m quite a bit younger than I am (I love the great genes that have been passed down to me from my maternal grandmother’s family, even if the insanity one is a bit trying!  But we do have to take the good with the not-so-great, to keep us humble, right?) I’ll just try to chalk the overly friendly behaviour up to an uncle’s fondness for a younger niece.  No, wait.  That sounds really off, more like the divorcee with kids who brings home a lot of “uncles”.  YUK!  Well, I’ll figure it out at some point, but in the meantime, try to enjoy the dancing without making anything more of it.  And the truth is, it’s really only twice a week as he goes home on the weekends, and doesn’t come to WCS on Mondays, so it’ll just be my cherry on top of the sundae each week to learn a pattern on Wednesday and get to practice it on Thursday!  I’ve learned, lately, to use the beginner classes to really work on my technique and it paid off quite well late Thursday night when we were trying to do intermediate level patterns on a floor crowded with college kids who hadn’t learned dance floor etiquette, or even to watch out for other dancers.  Having spent a lot of time practicing my turn technique, I found that I was able to keep my turns very tight and flexible so if a move had to be altered or aborted, in most cases, it took very little on his part to change my direction.  What fun to discover that the lesson time is yielding such fabulous results!  Interestingly, I feel that I’m learning a lot more about technique in these short group lessons than I ever did in the hours of privates I took.  Part of that was me as I wasn’t really focused, but part of it was definitely my choice of coach.  Once again, hindsight is 20-20, but then, I wouldn’t have the foundation to learn the technique if it weren’t for what I did or did not learn in the privates. 

So for the moment, the Universe has provided me with a practice partner, until such time as one with more available time shows up, and I’m not one to look askance at such a marvelous gift, even if it has a few thorns of which to beware.  I know I will learn a great deal, and improve my skills in the meantime, and maybe that’s exactly what I need to do to be ready for the manifestation of the dance partner I’m ultimately meant to find.  I am very grateful for this opportunity, but even more grateful for friends who inadvertently alert me (or was it really inadvertent?)  to potential hazards.

Affirmations are a very powerful thing, as I’m becoming increasingly aware.  And visualizing the end result and the ensuing excitement and joy just seem to make them occur more quickly, and often, in unexpected ways.  Thank you, Universe, for all of these exciting and marvelous manifestations!

Love and light.