For the last several days, I have been pondering the brouhaha surrounding the preponderance of 1’s in Friday’s date.  They range from religious and scientific sectors who attempt to discredit anyone else’s suggestion that there could be a significance to those who insist that there is a spiritual, mystical implication, and those who take some sort of middle ground (though I think those are far less well represented).  But for the numeralogically inclined, the number 1 is definitely a significant one as, by it’s very nature, it represents beginnings.  When we count, we typically start with 1 and continue by 1’s until we reach our target.  Someone who wins a race or contest is said to be in 1st place.  First-born children are said to share certain characteristics.  The list is endless.

I’ll admit that I am one who has seen a lot of instances of 11:11 and 1:11 on my digital clocks over the last couple of years, and rather than attributing it to chance or to the fact that I’m keyed to notice those times of day, I believe that having embarked on some new paths is what really makes me focus on 1’s.  I read in another blog that seeing those times can be a reminder that you’re on the right track, or perhaps, to stop procrastinating and get back on track.  In truth, I believe it is like dreams.  The interpretation is really dependent upon a person’s history.  If someone was frightened by a cat when they were small, having a cat in a dream would probably be unpleasant, but if they always feel warm and comforted by the presence of a cat, the dream would be seen in a completely different light.

The same would be true of those 1’s.  If a person was always striving for first place but was always bested, especially if it was a sibling or someone close, seeing 1’s might just be a painful reminder.  If they feared change and liked being in a steady, predictable situation, again, 1’s could be rather frightening.  But for the adventurers, the easily bored with repetition, the 1’s, taking those first steps on a new path, could well be exhilirating.

For me, seeing a lot of 1’s makes me picture the Aces from the Tarot; those cards which, when found in a spread, indicate taking off on a new adventure, getting outside the box, the comfort zone and finding the magic.  I know I’ve seen more Aces and 1’s since I made some major changes in my life, and I get such a charge out of seeing them, that I’m inclined to find new and different things to try (although bungie jumping and fried twinkies are still out!) just to see more of them.  My very favorite is the Ace of Wands in my Spiral deck which depicts a giant hand wielding a flaming staff.  The card is all vibrant in reds, yellows and greens and I can almost feel the energy emanating from it when I happen upon it.  It makes me feel as if anything I might undertake at that moment will rush, full speed ahead to an amazing and exciting conclusion which, if I’m lucky, will lead to something even more amazing and exciting.

At this point, in the realm of new beginnings, I’m going to set the intention that my much-delayed remodeling project will see a huge burst of positive energy by/on Friday November 11, 2011.  Although I have determined that it would be best to leave my kitchen intact until after Thanksgiving, this would be a great time to start the addition so that, by the time the holiday passes, they might be able to knock the wall out and actually do the whole area at once instead of in bits and pieces as they were projecting lately.  Again, as has been true throughout the process, the delays are truly a blessing in disguise.

And I still have nearly two months to find that dance partner before the year is over! 🙂

Love and light.