My life is becoming very surreal.  I work, I eat, I sleep and I write.  Every day.  And longer every day.  I started out with about an hour and a half a day.  I’m now up to at least 2 hours a day.  I exceed my minimum word count.  Every day.  I keep pushing myself to write more words.  I’ve left behind the time when 600 hundred words was a good evening of writing.  Even 1500 seems rather paltry by today’s standards.  Only the need for sleep made me wind things up at 2000 words tonight, and that was before posting in my two blogs.  So really, when all is said and done, I’ll have penned closer to the 3000 mark. 

It’s scary, really.  The more I write, the more I want to write.  I just hope I don’t turn into one of those cranky writers who gets ugly when someone or something takes her away from her craft.  Even Dylan is learning that messing with Mom’s mouse is decidedly uncool!

It’s as if I want to finish the first 50,000 words and get started on the next 50,000.  I’m beginning to understand how authors like Nora Roberts and Mercedes Lackey can be so prolific.  Writing is like a drug.  You get some and you want more.  Pretty soon, more isn’t enough and you need to double or even triple the dose. 

Yes, I can see me turning into that bleary-eyed person who has consumed too much caffeine along with gallons of water in hopes of quieting the growling in her stomach for just another hour while she gets some more words down on…well, screen.

Who knew I had this many words to spill out?  I feel like the picture of the Jack-o-lantern barfing up pumpkin guts, though in my case, it’s words. 

And now, I’m counting the days.  4 more weeks.  In 4 more weeks, I will truly be  living my dream, and, like the novel I’m currently writing, I don’t know where I’m going or how I’m going to get there.  I only know that I’m hopping the train and riding it for as long as I can.    Life has been dull and predictable for far too long.  I’m ready for exciting, unpredictable and freaking uncomfortable!!!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for how encouragement and support continue to grow along with my enthusiasm.
2. I am grateful for my friends and family who, never once, suggested that I’ve lost my mind.
3. I am grateful for a wonderful, creative, delicious writing career.,
4. I am grateful for being able to live the life I’ve always dreamed about and for the courage to actually make it happen.
5. I am grateful for simple tastes and the resources to indulge them.

Love and light.