Over the last week, I’ve had several people (including one guy) walk up to me and tell me that I looked like I was losing weight.  As I get on the scale every morning, I knew that I still weighed the same as I had for a week or so, and that was 10 pounds heavier than I was at my lowest point this year.  The only thing I’ve really changed is to add L-Glutamine to my daily routine.  I know it’s supposed to build muscle which weighs more than fat, but I didn’t really expect a drastic change until I started working out regularly again.  But after the last one, I realized that instead of denying it, I needed to just start believing it, because I know that to believe that something has already occurred is the strongest energy for making it happen.

Although I sat around a lot yesterday because of my upset tummy, I did eat so I was delightfully surprised when I got on the scale this morning and found that I had lost 1.2 pounds!!!  Nothing like a very clear reminder that thoughts become reality!

Clearly, whatever I’m doing now is working, so I am not changing a thing!!!  Did my exercises for my knee this morning, took my L-Glutamine (and will take more in a few), bought healthy eats from Trader Joe’s and am drinking lots of water.  But most of all, I’m keeping thoughts of a healthy, fit body in the forefront of my brain, and visualizing it happening, right before my eyes!!!

My gratitudes for tonight are:
1. I am grateful for my friends who remind me to visualize what I want.
2. I am grateful that my body is responding to all of the positive influences.
3. I am grateful for needing to get up and move often to give my knee more reason to heal quickly.
4. I am grateful for wonderful new beginnings which are arriving much sooner than expected.
5. I am grateful for a quiet weekend spent doing things around the house and reacclimating myself to the new time.

Love and light.