While not 100% effective today, my visions of heart shaped confetti have proven quite effective in counteracting my negative knee jerk reactions to certain people.  As a result, issues have been resolved much more favorably for all concerned.

I have noticed, though, that communication has been a real struggle, not only for me but for others around me.  We all seem to need to reword things several times in order for our explanations to be clear to others.  Thankfully, everyone has been especially patient today while we all struggle to put things into words which make sense to our listeners.  I’ve read on astrological sites that this is a symptom typical to Mercury going retrograde, but it seems to me I read that it went back in the right direction a couple of days ago.  So, is this a delayed reaction, or do some of us just communicate better when things are backasswards?

If it were just me, I’d chalk it up to simple contrariness, but it seems to be everyone around me and it’s so apparent that we’ve all commented on how hard it is to find a way to put things so our listeners will understand.  And before you ask, it really isn’t the listeners’ fault.  Just difficulty in finding a common language with which to communicate something we, ourselves might know like the back of our hand, but which is a foreign concept for our listeners who really do need to “get it”.  

Maybe this crazy mixed up day really started when I overslept while giving Toby snuggles this morning.  My big, snuggly boy draped himself across my chest around 7 AM and insisted that he needed my full attention and both hands petting and skritching his humongous self.  Who am I to deny him this simple pleasure, and he rewards me with such a nice, rumbly purr and kitty kisses. 

As I was digging around in what the girls and I christened “the little room”, which formally housed my ex’s outdoor, smoke friendly office and is now storage, I realized that I needed to do some serious shifting in order to begin my annual wrapping frenzy.  As the year went by and I strove to make it easier to access the contents of the room when needed, all of the wrapping materials were buried under piles of more recently used items.  But that will change this weekend as I unearth said materials and lug them into my living room for my annual wrap and Christmas movie party.  It is definitely easier now that I’m living alone because I don’t have to worry about having a bunch of unwrapped stuff scattered around me while I work.  I don’t think I have as much to do this year, but knowing me, the plethora of “little stuff” will soon make my eyes cross!  And of course, I need to come up with my annual creative wrapping jobs!  (which reminded me of a couple of things I must pick up!)

Tonight’s gratitudes are:

1. I am grateful for a quiet weekend.
2. I am grateful for an evening with friends and dancing.
3. I am grateful for a quiet Friday night with kitty cuddles and books.
4. I am grateful for abundant opportunities.
5. I am grateful for abundant health.

Love and light.