As I look forward to closing November’s books and opening December’s tomorrow, it will also be a day of new beginnings for my daughter and, after the ending she will generate in my life, a new beginning of some kind or another.  Granted, life has had some interesting, and not always pleasant, ups and downs lately, but I’ve always believed that a door closes to enable us to be free to choose one of the other doors and windows which opens before us.  Of course, with Loki’s latest kidney infection, the kids won’t be far away and I will have to see one or both of them daily while we’re having to give Loki fluids again (she just LOVES having a needle stuck in her back and being held down while we let 200 ml of saline drip into her little body), and Heather already got me an Eeyore key to be carved when they get the keys to their apartment.  It’s still going to be weird and a little scary to come home to an empty house at night.  Ok, in all fairness to my furry children, it won’t be empty, but there will be no humans who can turn lights on and off, cook, run the dishwasher and help empty the sandboxes on trash day.  There will be nobody who answers back in English when I talk to them either.  I really must become better at understanding Cat.  (of course, when Dylan meows pitifully and runs to the food bowl to show me it’s empty, I usually understand what he’s saying, but holding a conversation is more of a challenge). 

I know that I have several things which I need to resolve and conclude in my life right now, but I also have an untold number of opportunities which are simply awaiting my unburdening.  The book definitely holds first place on the list, and having the place to myself should encourage me to spend more time on it.  I also want to do some more decluttering in preparation for the delayed but not forgotten remodel.  One of the things which will certainly occur in the next week or so is moving the boxes from my garage to the pod so I can park my car inside again.  It’s getting very windy and cold these days and I really miss walking out to my car in the comparatively warm garage.  I think I need to make a list of things I want to accomplish, then set priorities and timelines so that I can track and see my progress.  I wonder if I can get a copy of Project to play with?  🙂

At this point, I want to wish everyone fabulously exciting beginnings, and quick, painless endings over the next few months.

Love and light.