Tonight both Heather and I are staying home from dancing because we have felt slightly queasy all day.  Typically, I only feel queasy on work days, so this, in and of itself is unusual for me (as if skipping a night of dancing wasn’t!), but to have both of us feeling off was already striking me as odd.  But when she came by to help me give Loki her fluids tonight, she mentioned that Mathom, too, was feeling like something wasn’t right but couldn’t put his finger on anything.  I know for myself that sometimes anxiety or a feeling that something isn’t right manifests itself with an upset stomach. 

I’d like to think that it’s not so much that something isn’t right but that something is going to change rather quickly, something of enough magnitude to shake the equilibrium at least a bit.  Enough to cause us to feel off balance until we adjust to whatever will be different.  Like the scent in the air before a rainstorm, our minds are detecting that change, that disruption of the normal balance of things and feel it like a bout of vertigo.  ( I sat here for at least 3 minutes, wracking my brain for that word, and just as I was about to bring up the thesaurus in Word, it popped into my head!  Weird, and now I have a slight headache behind my right eye!) 

At this point, I have no way of knowing if it is a change to the Earth or something more spiritual, but whatever it is, it is not very far off.  Interestingly, when I close my eyes to try to narrow it down, I can’t bring up a vision of a calendar, but instead, am visualizing women and girls who are all smiling.  All of them are wearing their hair pulled back as if to keep it out of the way while they work. 

Also, Dylan and Loki have not let me out of their sight all day.  If I leave the room for even a minute, both of them follow me and curl up on a chair or desk nearby.  Are they sensing my discomfort or feeling whatever is causing my unsteadiness?  At times like this, I wish they could talk so I’d know!  (but cats have to have their secrets, don’t they?)

Tonights gratitudes are:
1. I am grateful for daylight savings when I gain an hour and get to wake up when it’s light outside.
2. I am grateful for new days filled with promise.
3. I am grateful for lazy days with the kitties.
4. I am grateful for having my own space to refresh and rejuvinate.
5. I am grateful for being able to express myself in this medium so things don’t fester and make me sick.

Love and light.