It is the day before Thanksgiving and, despite the turmoil of the last few days, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for.  At the very top of the list are the friends who have been supportive and have refused to allow me to wallow in a pit of inaction through the enormous changes coming into my life, followed closely (or more likely, walking hand in hand) by my wonderful daughter with whom I share an amazing bond of love and respect which gets us through difficult times and brings us closer each time we cross another rocky road together. I am also thankful for my animals who love me unconditionally, and know when I just need a warm, fuzzy body snuggled up against me (although these cold nights are making them think they need to cat-pile on me in bed which makes it a little hard to move, much less, get comfortable, these days!  But I can take a quick inventory in the darkness and know exactly who is where!), and for a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep.  For food on the table, a car to get me where I need to go, opportunities to help others, both human and animal, and the ability to sense a need. 

I am also grateful for lessons I’ve learned, including knowing that I don’t have to fight the world, but can pick my battles and only hold fast to those which are important, and I’m eternally grateful for continuing to learn the difference.  And when I do have to fight, I’m grateful for the strength I’ve developed to do what needs to be done.  I’m grateful that the reasons to do battle have become fewer and further between over the years.  Have I learned to avoid things which could result in a battle or to circumvent problems early, or to be more accepting?  It’s hard to say, but whatever the reason, I’m grateful for a calmer, more peaceful life.  I see others clutching their drama to them like a security blanket and wish I could tell them that letting it go will really make them happier.  But just as I had to learn that lesson on my own, it is theirs to learn as well.  And I am grateful for the wisdom to know that this is so. 

Also on the very long list is having a healthy body which allows me to indulge my passions like dancing (which continues to keep me sane no matter how bad I might think things are in a moment) and a healthy mind which thrives on the opportunity to be expanded in so many ways and with so many new and exciting opportunities.  Even more, I’m grateful for the people around me who challenge me to expand my mind. 

Lest I forget, I appreciate Mother Earth who allows my human form to live and thrive because of her bounty.

I could go on and on and on, but I think I’ve hit the major points, and hope I inspire others to focus on what is truly important, not only on Thanksgiving, but every single day!

Love and Light