I think my friend, Judy, put it well.  We’re being thrown into change right now, whether we like it or not, and a lot of it is very uncomfortable.   I’m coming to terms with Heather’s move.  I still don’t like it, but she’s trying to reassure me by telling me that I raised her to be smart and independent.  (yeah, and the check’s in the mail, right?)  But she is a good kid so I just have to wish her well and stand back.    She brought home her new puppy today and she’s as sweet as can be.  Of course, having her on the patio is making the cats very curious!  They keep sitting at the window looking out at her which might be a good thing as maybe she won’t feel so alone.  Once they move, she’ll sleep with the kids, but right now, the cats rule the house so she has to sleep outside.  She cried for a little while, but I think she’s still exhausted from today’s surgery.  She has a nice, thick coat but they put some warm bricks under her blanket to help ward off some of the chill.

The remodel is back on the drawing board so I don’t really expect to start until after the first of the year, at this point, which is going to be interesting, given business trips in February and March, but I know that one way or another, we will work it out.  Throughout the process, there has always been some reason for the delays which worked in my favor, so I’m going to continue to envision the finished product and not dwell on the issues that arise.  It’s all just part of the process.

I’ve decided that, regardless of the changes that come, I will just embrace them all and make the best of each and every one!

Love and light.