More and more often these days, when I sit down to write, convinced that my mind is empty of thoughts worthy of sharing, I suddenly find a whole idea pouring out, as if it was a bathtub full of water, just waiting for someone to pull the plug to drain the contents.  This no longer unique process has led me to consider looking into Channeling as I’m certain these wonderful insights couldn’t possibly be coming from my mind, but are rather being fed through it!  How could I possibly have no thoughts one minute, and be filled with insight the next?  The mind simply boggles at the concept! 

I do know that my day is no longer complete unless I sit down to write at least once a day.  My mind simply pulsates with energy that has to come out one way or another!  Once in awhile, the energy even translates to my body and I’m able to accomplish amazing things!  Tonight, however, was not one of those nights.  Yes, I got the trash out and the sandboxes scooped, and yes, I fixed dinner and cleaned up afterwards, but other than a little pre-black friday shopping while I sat in front of the TV, that’s the sum total of today’s accomplishments.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been reading a couple of chapters a night in one of the Laws of Attraction books, and yesterday I read the part about allowing your body to release the extra weight.  It must have struck a nerve (along with the tighter fit of the pants I wore today) because I noticed a major reduction in my appetite!  I’m thinking I need to read that chapter every day, sort of like a refresher course so my tummy will remain less inclined to eat overmuch.  We all need little reminders as we power through our days, kind of like the gratitudes, or maybe, EXACTLY like the gratitudes.  How many times do I forget to be grateful for this healthy body which carries me from place to place, gives my brain the fingers to type words that come from nowhere, feet to do the dance steps I’ve learned and a mouth to stick my foot in at times?

So tonight I must wax eloquent on the virtues of my wonderful, healthy, increasingly limber, often imperfect body.  In our pursuit of miracles, it is so easy to overlook the ones which are right under our noses, quite literally.  When we get out of bed in the morning, do we take time to think of all of the little electrical impulses at work to get us to shut off the alarm and lift ourselves up and out of our beds, to showers, coffee making, teeth brushing, cat feeding life?  I know I don’t usually give it much thought, but really, don’t these miracles of engineering and efficiency deserve just a little bit of credit now and then?  Do we only appreciate what we have when something gives out and we bemoan our misfortune at what we can’t do?  That hardly seems fair.  This is the body that weathered the scrapes and bruises we gave it in our rush to grow up.  The same body which suffered through our efforts to learn to roller skate or do somersaults or cartwheels.  The one which came out a little the worse for wear when we fell off our bike or our horse, or the front steps?  Yet, each time, it healed it’s hurts, be they scrapes and bruises or breaks and tears, it continues to support us, regardless of the abuse we heap upon it.  It tolerates too much coffee and not enough food, skipped meals, or poor excuses for them, insufficient exercise and sleep deprivation.  For some of us, it handled bloat, gas and additional loads put on it as we carried our babies.  While a Timex may take a licking and keep on ticking, this body of ours, takes a beating and keeps repeating, even enthusiastically, whatever we might throw at it.

So the least we can do is allow it to find its healthy self, it’s optimum efficiency, its streamlined, high performance, maximum horsepower self.    And to do so is to allow.  I love Abraham’s example of a canoe on a stream.  When we paddle upstream, we work our bodies, minds and spirits much harder than necessary, and have little to show for the effort.   When we try to paddle upstream, we’re really attempting to go back the way we came.  Why?  We’ve already seen what’s there, so there are no more surprises.  We can’t change what’s there as it’s already happened.  So why wallow in it?  Especially when we can tuck the oars inside the canoe and let the current take us with no energy expended on our part.  This is true whether we’re trying to right the world’s wrongs, or just let our body be the healthy self it wants to be.

In exercises I’ve performed from time to time, I was directed to find my “happy place”.  This place could vary from a hilltop under an old oak tree, to a boat floating on a peaceful current.  I think, in my own, convoluted way, I always knew that the real key to happiness was in letting that boat drift where it would.  I knew, deep down, that until I let go and stopped trying to control every intimate detail, I wouldn’t find the true happiness I sought.

Well, Universe, I have finally figured it out!  This is me, drifting along without a care in the world!  That isn’t to say that I won’t, at times, revert to my old, control-freak ways, but there will be an increasing number of times when I just say “ok, this is me drifting.  We’re going wherever the river rolls today.”

Using today as an example, I’m going to continue to focus on health and vitality for my body, on giving it what it wants in the first place, and refraining from fighting with it over what it really wants and how it needs to get there.

Today, I just Allow.

My gratitudes tonight are:

1. I am grateful for a body which takes my abuse, yet continues to drift towards perfect health.
2. I am grateful for friends and family for Thanksgiving, and giving thanks.
3. I am grateful for a job which allows me to share a meal with friends and family.
4. I am grateful for coming conclusions to the dead car in my driveway and my construction project.
5. I am grateful for the kitty love I come home to every night which comes with no expectations, no judgements and all the love in the world!

Love and light.