Had a wonderful time today watching my friends renew their vows after 25 years of marriage.  The music, the ceremony, the happy couple were absolutely beautiful!!!  And of course, the party at Borderline afterwards was delightful.  So delightful, in fact, that I danced my knee into the pain zone.  This, too shall pass, but I realized I really need the deep stretch the therapist was giving me, so the kids volunteered to take turns helping me with that.  Do I have great kids or what?  I am so very blessed!

It is Thanksgiving week and the shopping frenzy which precedes the cooking frenzy begins.  Although I actually managed to get some decluttering done today in that black hole I call an office, I still have some serious cleaning to do tomorrow.  But now I can see the floor well enough to include it in my vacuuming and scrubbing campaign!  What fun!  (yeah, right!)  But I refuse to have guests in a dirty house, so I will clean. 

Last year, we had to make about 6 trips up to Von’s on Thanksgiving for things we’d forgotten.  This year, I’m going to make a list by dish to ensure that we don’t miss something this time.  Mathom has said that he doesn’t mind running back and forth, but I’d really rather not put that on him.  Remembering some of what was forgotten last year, I already picked up the buttermilk and corn meal for the stuffing last weekend.  But there are still lots of things to buy and a refrigerator to clean out in preparation.  I did, however, remember to pull the bird out of the freezer because I’ve found that if they say it will defrost in 5 days, it’s better to give it 6 or 7! 

As I feared when I was so prolific this morning, I am pretty much out of words of wisdom tonight.  My mind keeps wandering back to the wonderful evening I had with the kids and visiting with my friends, in between dancing too much for my knee’s sanity.  But hey, I had to make up for missing this Thursday due to the holiday.  I might just have to make the stuffing and cranberry sauce on Tuesday night so I can dance on Wednesday.  I can’t afford to get rusty by missing a day, now, can I? 

So, off I go and, on the advice of a friend, I’ll ask the Universe to give me dreams that are so unbelievable, crazy and convoluted that I’ll wake up with a smile on my face from the sheer absurdity of it all!

Love and light.