So, I had a wonderful drive from Cali to NV yesterday.  Blue skies, sunroof open, dinner and a little dancing with a friend and of course, a walk down Las Vegas Blvd. to watch the eternal show!  I just love watching all of the people and hearing the different accents and languages.  It’s like an international festival of sorts.

However, my worst concerns about work were realized as a whole bunch of emails were flying by the time I returned to my room after today’s seminar.  Worse, if they don’t get me the information tonight, they’re going to have to wait until Thursday as I need to be out of here before I go to tomorrow’s session!  This is when I really could use a card for connecting while on the go, but they just can’t justify those things for the bean counter even when she’s also getting geared up to ensure compliance (at least officially, since I’ve been a FAR pain in everyone’s backside for awhile now!)  But it’s so nice to feel needed! 🙂 

Had a great time last night with Joleen at Gilley’s and just walkin’ the strip.   We did quite a bit of walking which suits both of us fine, although we could have done without the guy walking down the street, smoking a big, fat, stinky cigar!  Not much going on at Gilley’s on a Monday night, but enough to give me a couple of dances.  And had a delightful visit with my old friend, Michael and his lady, Kathy.  We enjoyed the food and entertainment at Margaritaville (and yes, I did indulge, but only one) then I got to see their home and meet their two cats and very friendly dog.  We had a nice, long visit and were able to talk for a couple of hours without all of the commotion common to the strip.  I am so grateful for all of my friends, both old and new.  I’m glad I’m getting the opportunity to attend these seminars,.  The one today was extremely informative!  But it’s a real bonus to get to see some friends in the process!  I’ve promised to let them all know when I’ll be back in February. 

Anyway, I need to get an early start tomorrow as I have to get my stuff in the car and get checked out before going back for day 2 of the seminar, and I need to get breakfast as well!  Maybe I’ll move a little faster in the morning!

Love and light.