Yesterday’s announced changes are already leading to some interesting stuff.  My brain cells are frolicking at the opportunities for adding new knowledge!  I will have to spend some time, however, reassuring Mr. Dylan as the pursuit of knowledge means that I will have to leave town for a few days at a time at least 3 times in the next 6 months, and possibly more.

Danced like crazy tonight, and had a great time until those young whippersnappers started running us off the floor.  I remember when I had that much energy and my knees and back didn’t ache after too much exertion!  Their time will come too!  But meanwhile, we get our dancing in early, and they close the place!  Fair is fair!   And I got a lot of line dancing, a few couples dances and some two stepping in, so I’m good!

Short post tonight, but I’m trying to at least get something in.  I’m going to bed after I finish my liquid muscle relaxer and hope this bag of frozen corn will do the rest of the job.  Otherwise, I have to try to get in to see the chiropractor tomorrow!  Can’t drive 5+ hours with my back spasming!

Love and light.