Sedona seemed to unleash her powers last night, as if she knew it was my last night and she wanted to leave a lasting impression.  The wind howled such that I finally closed the window which had been open all weekend.  I finally crawled under the covers because the room was quite chilly.  At one point, I heard a loud crash,, but didn’t get up to investigate until the call of nature grew insistent. It was then I discovered that I’d failed to latch the front door adequately and the wind blew it open.  My L.A. mentality immediately looked around to see if anything was missing, which of course nothing was.  After latching the door securely this time, I went back to bed to a series of very disturbing dreams which, at times, made it difficult to fall back asleep.  I woke up terribly unsettled from it all to an overcast, and still very windy day.  The temperature has dropped about 20 degrees. 

I decided to follow Jeanie’s advice and have breakfast at the Coffee Pot instead of eating my last oh-so-delightful breakfast bowl, though I did pull the OJ out of the refrigerator to find that, like my turkey and ham, it had also frozen, though not completely so I was able to pour myself an orange slushy. 

In an effort still my unsettled feelings, I followed the routine I’d set and walked down to the lookout.  The view is ever more amazing with clouds casting shadows on the rocks!  As it is Monday, my meditation was not interrupted by people talking, but it was relatively short, but effective.  I feel more centered now, and that was my intention.  I know I’m worrying about my heartbeat being so strong and blood pressure being up, but I’ve also been experiencing shortness of breath a lot the last few days.  Of course a large part of the problem could well be that the city of Sedona is at an elevation of 4200 feet and the hotel is on a plateau of about 4800 ft.  My little sea level lungs are working hard here! 

I’ve had a wonderful time, not the least of which was visiting with an old friend, and I did get quite a bit of writing done, though I didn’t devote entire days to my craft.  Now, I look forward to some time spent wandering the town and going home to my daughter and cats.  I hope Dylan doesn’t give me the cold shoulder for leaving him! 

Love and Light