What an amazing way to start the day!  I woke up much earlier than I’d planned, but either the bed was too hard or my mind was too full of my book, or maybe a little of both!  But despite my brain being in overdrive, I refused to be rushed and forced it to submit to a 45 minute meditation before I got up and started my day.  First, I took another walk through the gardens to what I’ve come to think of as the “Meditation patio” as it overlooks downtown Sedona with the gorgeous red mountains and some of the vortexes as an incredibly beautiful backdrop.  I sat down in one of the chairs they so thoughtfully provided and closed my eyes to do a nature meditation with the birdsong and a fountain as my background noise.  Although a group of people including a rather loud man with a Texas accent started talking nearby soon after, I was able to get to my quiet place for a few minutes.  I took a number of pictures of the patio, the view, and the gardens on my slow stroll back to my room.  The gardens have a more desert-y look to them with cacti and bentwood chairs and benches.  There’s even a small lily pond with goldfish in it!  My workspace is a table by the window, looking out over the gardens and a bit of the red rock mountains off to the left.  There’s a nice breeze so the door and window are wide open.  This is exactly how I imagined it would be, only better! 

Every so often, I hear the sound of a small plane engine as someone either arrives or departs from the small airport just beyond my hotel.  The birds who woke me have finally settled down, babies with full tummies, parents relaxing until the starving brood again demands food.  And speaking of food, upon my return to my room, I changed into what I’ll come to know as my writing clothes (formerly known as workout shorts and a sleeveless, oversized t-shirt), popped one of the breakfast bowls I bought yesterday into the microwave, poured a glass of orange juice and opened the doors and windows to this amazing day.

And my final part of today’s posting is a card of the day from a new deck, the Gendron Tarot.  I’ve never used it before so it will be interesting to see how it resonates with me.  These cards have a beautiful celestial painting on the back with a center circle filled with butterflies and flanked by dolphins.  Above and below are two more circles in which lovebirds reside.  I can only believe that the faces of the cards are equally beautiful.

Card of the day:  Prince of Wands (I’ve changed decks yet still the Wands favor me)
I see:  A handsome bearded man dressed in purples and golds holds a black wrapped staff with two pieces of purple cloth dangling from gold cockades.  As the sun rises over the trees behind him, it’s beams appear to emanate from the top of his head and frame a full moon which has not yet set.  He stands in a field, or perhaps a clearing surrounded be trees in full bloom.  A gold medallion rests on his chest and he wears a smile as if what he sees in front of him pleases him greatly.
I feel:  It’s time to leap into action, unmindful of consequences or outside influences.  the guidance I need is clearly in place, and, in fact, haunted my dreams all night long. 
I think:  There is no doubt in my mind that I will have a significant amount written by the end of this weekend towards a book that will be highly successful.

And on that note, I need to start The Book

Love and light