Made it to Sedona safely and happily albeit on rather small planes, one not much bigger than a puddle jumper.  What a wild ride into Flagstaff!  My seatmate explained that the thermals are quite active this time of year, so I got a roller coaster ride, Disney style.  But silly me left the camera safely packed in the laptop bag under the seat, and the quarters were too close to get to it.  And flying over Sedona into Flagstaff was truly spectacular!  I hope it will still be daylight when I fly out on Monday as I don’t want to miss another chance to capture that view! 

I had a couple more paragraphs come to me while in flight, and was quite thankful for the notes function on my iPhone, although it was quite challenging to hit the right letters on the touch pad with the plane bumping all over the place, but I persevered.  Especially as one in particular caught me by surprise.  I was comparing the way your stomach drops on takeoff to the elevator in the old May Co. downtown when I flashed back to how my mom shared that with us when we were little and it was such fun!  Suddenly, I started to tear up and it crossed my mind that it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  This is weird because I haven’t gotten emotional about mom being gone in a very long time.  It caused me to think that this book may be harder on me than I currently realize, albeit very cathartic in the long run.  (I’m also realizing that the little keyboard I bought was a waste of money as I’m typing quite well on the laptop keyboard, especially with the elevation the cooling pad provides)  I also realize that from this moment on, I go nowhere without my camera! 

The hotel is quite quaint with open beamed ceilings and wood paneled walls.  The bathroom is roomy and the kitchenette area is quite functional, although why there’s a strainer for pasta when the only cooking utensil is a microwave baffles me, but I figure I’ll only use it for breakfasty and lunchy kinda stuff.  The balcony has a small table and two chairs, perfect for relaxing, though most of the view is blocked by a large tree.  When they said “partial view” they weren’t kidding!  But the table where I’m working is right next to the window, which is so totally perfect and, frankly, exactly as I’d envisioned it.  I will probably open the window in the morning and work with my tea and a whole lot of fresh air! 

With the help of the hotel desk clerk and my gps I found a grocery store and stocked up on the essentials.  Breakfast bowls, sliced chicken, ham and cheese, oranges and bananas, juice, and of course, munchies.  I decided to treat myself to a bottle of wine but as nothing sounded good I took the easy way out and bought some Mike’s hard lemonade which actually tastes wonderful after a long trip when coupled with a turkey burger with mushrooms and some kind of seasoned fries.  Half the bottle is gone and no buzz yet!  Must be the food! 🙂  The market, surprisingly, had quite a selection of gluten free foods, but I promised myself that, within reason, I’d eat what I want this weekend.  OK, so the munchies include brie, cashews and fritos.  I can’t afford to totally destroy my stomach, now, can I?  The bun on this burger may be more than enough to remind me that gluten free is better for me. 

But for now, I will finish my dinner, then take a stroll in the lovely garden that winds through the hotel grounds.

Love and light.