Card of the Day:  Ace of Wands
I see:  A celestial hand reaches down from a churning red sky to gently touch a shaft of wheat growing on a mountain top.  The fiery reds, yellows and oranges of the sky are in sharp contrast to the green of new growth which covers the ground as far as the eye can see.
I feel:  This is the hand of change, of the Universe guiding every living thing into the next phase of it’s life, and that the roiling skies indicate that this is a storm of change which will take everyone with it, willing or not, because the changes are inevitable, they must occur and they will ultimately be for the benefit of all.  Those who choose to be part of the change will find themselves running lightly and freely as the storm carries them along on its back.  Those who fight the change will find themselves tossed around as the storm flows, because stagnancy is no longer an option.
I think: I am the shaft of wheat and the Universe is the hand which reaches down to help me, guide me and keep me on the path it has shown me.  I stand on the threshhold of a brand new life and, once I take the first step, the changes I see will be magnificent.

Driving home tonight, I’m thinking about today’s ACIM lesson and doing my best to be open to what the Universe is trying to share with me when I realize that at this point, either I’m wide open, or the Universe has ceased to care whether I want to listen or not and is just making darn sure I hear what they’re telling me.  It reminds me of when the girls were small and would say “mommymommymommymommy” endlessly until they were sure they had my attention.   Or maybe like the cell phone commercials “can you hear me now?”  But it’s a good thing as I’m not without a certain amount of trepidation about starting my book.  I don’t have a real plan, just a few disconnected paragraphs.  I’ve been talking to people casually, but nothing formal.  I have a vague idea of how I want to set the tone, but nothing really concrete, but heck, I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going when I started this blog, and how many thousands of words and months later, and there’s a lot here.  Granted, even I find some of what I’ve written over the last few months dreadfully boring, but there are some real gems here as well, and I plan to mine those nuggets as I go along.  I’m hoping that either there’s a table close to the window or one on the deck as I keep envisioning writing with the view in front of me, but I can always rearrange the furniture if need be.  As I’m thinking about packing, I realize that I don’t really need much in the way of nice.  A couple of decent looking things in case I decide to go into town in the evenings for more than just a bite to eat, but otherwise, I want clothes I can hike in or comfy stuff to write in.  So a couple of pairs of shorts, a pair of sweat pants and maybe some of my workout shorts, since the days are supposed to be rather toasty, and I should be set.  But I’m taking the big duffle in case I find things I want to bring home with me.  I do want to spend some time on Monday wandering through the shops on 89A.  There are some really amazing and diverse offerings, if memory serves.  I do need to find out what the cooking facilities, if any, are in the kitchenette.  I know there will be a way to make coffee or tea, but as for the rest, I should email the hotel and find out.  

At any rate, the rest of the evening will be spent packing and maybe relaxing.  I need to check out all of the accessories for my laptop and download my word document onto the flash drive.  I don’t want to leave things like that until the last minute, so I’ll end this with my usual

Love and light.