Card of the Day:  King of Wands (again??????????)
I see: A regal man garbed in robes of red and yellow, staring out at the world, expressionless so as not to reveal the thoughts within.  He wields both staff and seedling while a young dragon stands guard at his side.  Flowers sprout from his staff as a sign that all he touches will be fruitful and abundant.
I feel:  By following the guidance of the Universe, I shall reap much for the Universe is abundance in all things:  health, wealth, friendship, love, knowledge, and uncountable other things.  I am being guided gently but firmly along the path I can no longer help but take.  I have the love and support of many and cannot help but succeed in anything I do.
I think:  The fact that this card keeps coming up is incredibly significant.  I am still unsure as to whether it’s the qualities in me or someone else’s influence which the card foretells, but either way, I know that I’m continuing in the right direction, and that’s really what matters.

Driving home tonight I was listening to CD’s we’d put into the player on Saturday since my free trial of Sirius XM expired.  Rascal Flatts was making my drive even more enjoyable than the amazing scenery I’m blessed to have for my ride home when a song came on which made me listen to the lyrics.  I don’t recall hearing this song before, or, if I did, I wasn’t really paying attention, but as I heard the words “why you’d leave the stage in the middle of a song” my attention was grabbed.  And it was then I realized that, although people don’t write many books about suicide from a family member’s perspective, there are actually quite a few songs out there which ask why, just why.  Some progress to “was there anything I could have done?” but so many just struggle to understand why a person would be so unhappy that ending their life was the only solution they could see. 

My point though, is that the Universe is doing it’s best to keep my attention on the goal, and to encourage me as often as possible.  I am incredibly grateful for the encouragement, the ideas, the people who are being brought into my life so that I can and will accomplish my soul purpose which, I’m beginning to think is only starting with this book, and that there is a much bigger picture I have yet to see. 

My daily writing is suffering a bit from my other activities, not the least of which is getting ready for my trip.  I hope to go dancing the next two nights, but will need to work on the packing tomorrow night after two-step if I’m to be ready to go by Friday morning.  I have my packing list started and laundry is done, so it’s just a matter of choosing a suitcase and starting to put things into it.  I also want to switch laptop cases, and need to pack up the cooling pad and keyboard I got to make my arms able to type for longer periods of time.  But I’m not going to try and force myself to keep up the writing pace I have been on the blog as I know it will soon be better served writing the book (not that I won’t post here as well, but it will probably be much shorter posts!)

Love and light.