I had the most amazing birthday last night at Borderline!  Heather and Mathom gave me a Tangled theme birthday with cake, banners, even figurines!  And the gluten free cake she made was both gorgeous and delicious!  One of our friends even asked her to make one for his wife’s birthday!  And the necklace, bracelet and earrings she made are absolutely beautiful.  Another of our friends ordered one for herself in a different color.  What can I say?  My kid is multi talented! 

I got some more written for my book yesterday, relaxed some, got some necessary paperwork done, and even cleaned a little.  (ok, I went through one box of old papers and got rid of most of it.)  I’m working, albeit slowly, towards getting this place completely decluttered before the construction starts in what I’m estimating will be the end of July or beginning of August.

What can I say?  Things are chugging along just as they should right now.  I’m really enjoying the feelings I’m getting from opening up more, as a result of my book.  I seem to be getting closer to people, although the true friendships with new ones are going to take time, and that, too, is as it should be.  Even the friendships I’ve had and lost over the years didn’t happen overnight, but took time as we got to know each other.  They lasted as long as we fit each other, and we moved on when we no longer fit.  At the moment, it seems I’m feeling my way to those new friendships which have the potential to carry me for the rest of my life.  Somewhere out there are the souls who have been part of my life before, but have not yet been part of this one, but were waiting for me to learn some lessons before appearing in my life to help me learn some more. 

Dancing was superb last night!  I no longer have that uncomfortable pounding of my heart I was experiencing and as my blood pressure has returned to normal, I can only guess that that is part of it.  I do need to spend some time each day stretching out my leg and hip muscles as they tend to lean towards being stiff and get worse when I sit for awhile (which was not the case last night!)  Barb suggested a watch which would beep every 15 minutes so that I’d get up and do a little stretch, but I can’t see me being interrupted that often.  I do need to do better than 2-3 hours though!  This will also be a challenge as my book starts to come together as I tend to lose track of time and volume.  As with everything else, I will find that perfect place when the time is right. 

I woke up this morning with Dylan snuggled up against me, but didn’t realize it until I rolled over on him to explain once again to Mr. Toby that while mom is sleeping is not the time to practice his music.  (why oh why did I name him after a musician?)  He responded by draping his rather oversized body across my stomach and getting the snuggles he probably wanted in the first place.  There’s no doubt in my mind that our cats definitely train their “staff”.  Toby’s demands and Loki’s haranguing had me doubting they’d been fed despite the noise of the TV from the living room.  But Heather confirmed that, once again, Loki was lying through her little kitty teeth, hoping she’d get fed her wet food a second time today!  The little sneak!  And of course, as she lied, Toby swore to it as he wouldn’t mind a second helping of something in gravy either.    At least Munchkin and Scooby are happy with the can they share each morning.  I checked on Cinders and Hailey, but they’re apparently sleeping off they’re nocturnal hunt this morning, although the food and water were seriously depleted.  I didn’t hear any ratty noises either, but they, too, may be sleeping off the night’s circus.  I am seeing fewer of them now, and the ones I see are pretty small compared to the ones I used to see, leading me to believe that only the juveniles are left.  And I wouldn’t put it past the girls to toy with them for a bit, luring them into a sense of complacency before they sneak up behind them and send them off to ratty heaven, or wherever rats go when their natural predators enter the picture. 

I was reading on Petfinders that one of the rescue groups actually got it’s start because an actor on the Warner Brothers’ lot took issue with having his wool cap chewed by rats, telling them that they needed cats as they were Nature’s rat exterminator.  He showed up the following day with a limo full of cats and they and their progeny have lived there ever since, keeping the lot free of rodents.  But of course, being cats, they procreated and ultimately there were too many for their home so the rescue group is catching, spaying and neutering, and releasing the adults and finding homes for the kittens.  Obviously, they will have a hard time catching them all, but it does thin the ranks to a more manageable level, and allows them to make sure everyone is healthy as well.  I understand Disneyland also has it’s resident cats and I’m sure the problem would be much worse there given all of the food stands and careless people.  The rats would have a field day were it not for the intervention of the “exterminators”.  Still another story was one Heather stumbled on about shipboard cats from about the 1700’s to now.  There again, a rat infestation would be disastrous, especially in the days when a ship took many days to reach the next land mass.  The presence of rats could mean starvation as they are impossible to keep out of the food supply.  But a couple of cats on board would take care of that little problem in short order.  And if they were anything like my two girls, would thoroughly enjoy their job!

So I don’t have any qualms about simply encouraging the cycle of life in my garage.  🙂  I do feel good, though, about not putting more poison into the environment like some would do to eradicate the rats.  I am going to have to find out soon, though, where any leftover parts might be stashed.  YUK! 

I noticed last night that I’m no longer adding the card of the day to my blog.  I started it initially because I was having trouble getting started or had very little to say.  It seems I’ve eliminated that problem in spite of working on the book, or maybe because of it.  Could writing perpetuate writing, so that the more I write, the more I write?  Interesting concept which I will have to explore in the coming months as I complete my first book and, perhaps even start the next.

Love and light.